ASUS Launches Its Wallet-destroying ROG GT51 Desktop In PH

GT51 2

Quarter of a million pesos

ASUS has a knack for releasing utterly powerful and mind-numbingly expensive gaming machines in the PH, and the GT51 is no exception. It’s a desktop rig like no other, sporting an aggressive, copper and grey color scheme and a design that looks like a predator about to strike. It’s also been tricked out on the inside with all of the goodies that’ll make any hardcore gamers’ heart melt – an NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X (with support for another one if your wallet is still up to taking another beating), 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 3TB HDD plus 512GB SSD for fast boot-up and near instantaneous overclocking via ASUS ROG software included in the machine.

If that wasn’t enough, the GT51 also has another trick up its sleeve – the ROG baller that comes with every purchase isn’t a cheap giveaway – there’s an NFC tag hidden inside that unlocks a “shadow partition” when it makes contact with the GT51. This allows you to hide whatever files you don’t want other people to see (“art films”). You can also set the wristband to automatically trigger the desktop’s overclocking features without having to jump into the software tool.


Of course all of those swanky features come at a very steep price – the GT51 is priced at a bank account-draining Php 229,995.

John Nieves

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