ASUS Launching Zenfone 3 On May 30?


Most likely during COMPUTEX

We’re already almost five months in to 2016, and yet we haven’t heard a peep from ASUS and their 3rd generation Zenfone. We’ve heard rumors that the next iteration of the company’s flagship would be announced during COMPUTEX, that gala trade show held every year in their home country of Taiwan, and now we have confirmation of sorts.

ASUS India’s Twitter account has answered the pleas of a fan about when the Zenfone 3 would launch with a photo showing a briefcase with the numbers 530. The numbers most likely mean the announcement date for the phone, which comes out as May 30, 2016.

That corresponds to the week of COMPUTEX which starts on May 31, though ASUS traditionally holds a pre-COMPUTEX event the day before to announce brand new goodies to the public. We’ll be seeing the device ourselves if they indeed launch it on that date since we’ve been invited by the company to cover the event.

John Nieves

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