ASUS Officially Releases Nougat Update For Zenfone 3

Heads up Zenfone 3 users: ASUS has officially announced the release of Android 7.0 Nougat update for their phones.

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Android Nougat brings a couple of notable updates to devices, which include native multi-window support (for multi-taskers), support for VulkanTM,  an advanced 3D rendering API, better Doze implementation (and therfore theoretically improved battery life on the already awesome battery endurance of the ZF3) as well as a more streamlined notifications and settings window. You can read all about the new features of Android Nougat here. 

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While ASUS didn’t mention it, expect the roll-out of the Nougat update in phases, if your phone did not get a notification yet, you can manually check for it by going to settings -> about -> system update.

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  1. Hopefully Asus will release new updates on Zenfone 2 ‘coz I just recently bought it from Lazada.. the MM OS did not solve the battery and bloatware issues. .i heard that Xiaomi released an update to almost all of their jrecent & current flagship phone. .gud guyz Xiaomi. .Paging, Asus!

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