ASUS Philippines Confirms Dual Cameras for the ZenFone 4


Time to be more than one.

Looks like ASUS Philippines is prepping up to launch the company’s next-generation ZenFone 4 series of handsets. The company posted a bunch of teaser photos on their local social media page, hinting that the ZenFone 4 will be sporting a dual rear camera setup. Based on the photos and their captions, ASUS seems to be aiming for sharper image quality, improved low-light performance, and better telephoto and wide-angle capabilities with their dual shooters.

With the dual-rear camera ZenFone 4 Max already unwrapped in Russia, it’s fair to speculate that the base ZenFone 4 will be packing, at the very least, the same telephoto and wide-angle sensor setup from the former, maybe with a higher megapixel rating and more features? Perhaps we’ll be seeing dual cameras on the other members of the ZenFone 4 series as well?

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As for the ZenFone 4’s specifications, the rumor mill is speculating that it’ll build on the ZenFone 3’s setup with an improved chipset – a Snapdragon 630 or even the powerful SD 660 – partnered with at least 4GB RAM, and now, with these teaser images taken into consideration, dual rear cameras as well.

The rest of the ZenFone 4 family is expected to be unveiled this August.

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Source: ASUS Philippines


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