ASUS Releases Zenfone 3 Lineup In Malaysia, Prices Start At $200


We’re inching closer and closer to the August 14 unveil of ASUS’ Zenfone 3 lineup, and many people have been asking what the prices of the phones will be when they finally land in our shores. While we can’t really give you an accurate read on the prices of the phones when they arrive, you can get a good estimate of the eventual pricing from our ASEAN neighbors.

In Malaysia, the cheapest Zenfone 3 variant is the Zenfone 3 Max with its 4,100mAh battery, priced at MYR 799, or an equivalent of Php 9.2K in our currency. The Zenfone 3 Laser is quite a bit more, at MYR 999 or Php 11.6K in our currency.

Moving on to the smaller 5.2-inch Zenfone 3, the ZE520KL, ASUS has priced that little beauty at MYR 1,499 or 17.3K. The bigger 5.5-inch ZE5552KL, is priced at MYR 1,699, or Php 19.7K.

The Zenfone 3 Ultra, that behemoth, 6.8-inch phablet, is set to retail at MYR 2,599 or at Php 30.2K. That’s exactly the same price for the Zenfone 3 Deluxe that packs a Snapdragon 820 processor, 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

The highest end, Snapdragon 821 processor, 256GB of expandable UFS 2.0 storage and 6GB of RAM is priced at a whopping MYR 3,299 or Php 38.3K.

Keep in mind that pricing for devices varies widely based on the region because of tax and other concerns, so there’s still a chance that the new Zenfone 3 lineup will have drastically different prices here in the PH when they arrive.

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  1. What the!? I used to love Asus for their practicality in price and performance. Now they’re just pushing it. I was considering between zenfone 3 series, one plus 3 or galaxy a9 pro for power using. With out the dedicated micro sd slot and the high price, I’d better buy a galaxy a9 pro nalang or one plus 3 for flagship performance.

    1. Wow. Same dilemma here. I was also torn between those 3 phone.My problem with the A9 pro is the lack of Gyrosope sensor and its mediacore camera performance, while the OP3 is the lack of microSD card for expansion. I was rooting for the ZF3 deluxe up until I saw that 30k price tag. hahaha. damn.

      1. Haha, it’s impossible for galaxy a9 pro to not have gyro. All higher end phones have that as standard. And I think its camera would be as good as zenfone 3’s. Only drawback is the non-flagship processor SnapDragon 652. Micro sd with separate dual sim is my requirement so a9 pro would be my only choice.

  2. I read in 1 article, the highest end is priced somewhere between 27k and 29k. If the price is right at 38k, then one should go for samsung’s or apple’s flagship phones. Screen resolution pa lang, talo na si zenfone 3. S7 and S7 edge has QHD screen resolution while zenfone 3 has full HD only.

  3. usual pricing scheme ng mga up-and-coming brands, kukuha ng malaking market share dahil sa bang for the buck products, then pag marami ng fans, saka maglalabas ng products na mahal. shame.

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