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ASUS ROG G551 Video Review: A Beastly Notebook That Can Handle Modern Games

ROG G551
Here’s our video review of the ROG G551!

The past few weeks we’ve been lugging around ASUS’ ROG G551 gaming notebook everywhere we went. We took it along with us when we went to Singapore and aside from gaming on the go, it also served as our main video editing rig while overseas. It’s also where the video below was rendered (Inception level rendering) but it’s not without faults. We go some of the main issues in the video below, but we’ll be adding a few here:

It’s relatively heavy.

Gaming notebooks tend to be big burdens especially when you tend to move a lot, and the G551 is no exception. Thankfully ASUS includes a nice, comfortable backpack with every purchase so that part’s already covered. Treat it more like a mobile workstation than a traditional notebook and try to keep relocation down to a minimum. That or start building those back muscles.

You can game with it without it being plugged in, but expect to drain your battery quickly.

This is obviously a no-brainer – the GTX960M GPU on the G551 is powerful, but requires a lot of juice to run. Try to find a place to plug in this monster before opening it up and playing with your friends on GTA V.

It can handle next gen titles, but keep the settings realistic.

While the G551 can run next gen games without too much issues, you’ll have to tweak the settings of the notebook accordingly. While we all want our notebooks to be able to run ultra resolution on full HD, you’ll have to compromise on a few things like resolution and a few graphical options to get the most out of the G551. And while you can build a gaming rig that would easily surpass the performance of the G551, it wouldn’t be as portable.

That’s it! ASUS is selling the G551 for Php 69,995.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. Gaming laptops are hardly worth it since it needs to be plugged-in just like desktops. Hardcore gaming while on batteries? LOL.

    LAN parties? Portability? Get yourself a Itx or matx setup.

    Don’t waste your money on “gaming” laptops. If you want to game, get yourself a real gaming PC.

    1. Yung idea mo kasi brad pang bahay lang, hindi naman ganun un.. sige nga dalhin mo sa starbucks yan mATX/ITX build mo at don ka magyabang na may maganda kang unit hahaha!

    2. I agree… I’ve had 2 gamng lappy’s in the past 3 years. Most gamers prefers to bring their monster towers to LAN parties than waste money on a 100k laptop that just completely gets dusted by a 50k desktop. Laptop gaming, pang-porma lang. Hindi naman talaga totoong portable dahil kasing bigat lang ng mga desktop tapos talagang kelangan nakasaksak sa power outlet. Kalokohan!

      1. Y50 is less than an inch thick and weighs around 2kg. Thin and light but beastly 1080p gaming performance 😉

      2. if you’re a desktop user probably you don’t see the point of gaming laptops.. i myself own asus rog gl 551m.. why? coz i use it in my office when im at work since, offsite and after office i bring it to my home to game on.. this is for people that are mobile..

    3. ano ba yan? eh paano yung monitor? and other peripherals/accessories? ang hassle dyan yung transpo, either mag taxi or may sarili kang sasakyan or makikisakay, while kung laptop, kahit jeep or tricycle or kahit mag bisikleta ka pwedeng pwede. nagmamarunong wew.

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