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ASUS’ ROG Theta 7.1 And ROG Theta Electret Are Aimed At Serious Audiophiles

Serious audio swag

ASUS is widening its on-ear headphone lineup with two new models aimed at serious audiophiles. The ROG Theta is a 7.1-capable headphone that uses eight discrete drivers to deliver the industry’s first virtual-subwoofer technology.

ASUS promises that the eight drivers (4 on each ear) on the ROG Theta is capable of delivering better bass than a dedicated subwoofer would, as well as deliver better positional audio during gameplay that they say will give gamers a distinct edge over their opponents online.

The ROG Theta also sports an AI-powered noise-canceling microphone, the first for gaming headsets. The AI routines that are in the headphones identify specific ambient sounds and cancels them out, which ensures crystal clear comms when you are playing with your buddies.

ASUS also announced the ROG Theta Electret Hi-Fi gaming headset as well to compliment the regular Theta. The ROG Theta Electret sports high fidelity electret drivers with dynamic subwoofers for the best audio quality possible.

The 3.5mm connecting cable is constructed from silver-plated copper wire, supporting high-frequency sound reproduction and ensuring excellent fidelity for all audio types. A 3.5mm-6.3mm jack adapter is supplied, making it easy for gamers to connect Theta Electret to their own hi-fi setup. The new headset also has an integrated boom, certified
by both TeamSpeak and Discord, for clear in-game voice communications.

No price or availability has been set for either headphone.

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