ASUS Rumored To Launch ZenFone 4 Lineup During COMPUTEX

Be cautiously optimistic

It’s only three weeks before the biggest trade show this side of the world begins. We’re talking about COMPUTEX, the week-long computer expo held in Taipei, Taiwan where ASUS announces their upcoming products. Now by this time we probably already have a good idea of what the company is releasing during the show, but there has bee a drought of rumors of what ASUS is expected to release at the end of the month.

That drought ends now, or it seems that way. Notebook Italia has published several photos of what seems to be three upcoming devices that will be supposedly announced in COMPUTEX this year, though only one product has a clear shot and name: the Zenfone 4 Max.

The ZenFone 4 Max will slot in nicely into the mid-range segment, with the upcoming ZenFone 4 in the upper mid-range while the ZenFone 4S will be in the high-end segment.

Details are thin on the new phones, but you can expect the ZenFone 4 Max to have dual-cameras on the rear in addition to a large battery. From the photos it looks like the ZenFone 4 Max is styled similarly to the ZenFone 3 Zoom.

We’ll know for sure at the end of May, as we’ll be heading over to Taiwan to cover the event. Stay tuned till then.

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  1. Asus should change the name of the model as there’s already an old model of Zenfone 4. Maybe called it “Asus Z7” for the 7th generation of Zenfone.

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