ASUS ZenWatch Shows Up in Lazada for Less Than 10K

ASUS Zenwatch 1
Here’s a wearable that you might want

ASUS’ take on Google’s Android Wear initiative has been around for a while now in other markets. Unfortunately, the stylish ZenWatch hasn’t been offered officially in the Philippines. If you’ve been hankering for ASUS’ first ever Android Wear wearable to go with your ASUS ZenFone 2 and are willing to forego things like official warranties, then this might be for you. A Lazada listing for the ASUS ZenWatch allows you to buy it at just Php 9,100, though there are some big caveats to the offer.

ASUS Zenwatch 2

For one, it won’t have the official ASUS warranty, so if something breaks or goes wrong, you might just be out of luck. The biggest issue here is that Lazada themselves won’t be fulfilling the order – it’ll come from abroad though to be fair Lazada said that products from international sellers will be shipped without any additional charges. Still, if you’re looking for a way to get the stylish ZenWatch on your wrist, this may be worth it despite the risk.

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  1. Problem will all these imported units is that they are loaded with crapware. While this is a watch and that might limit the crapware available, but I am wary anyway. I had it with all these imported phones sold at Lazada. They might be cheaper but many are crippled in that they have modified firmware. Some wont let you remove them (ad-ware) as they are baked in ROM. Since they are modified, they can’t connect to OTA updates, or even have that function hidden.

    They are also times, like the Lenovo K3 Note, where even if you wanted to flash the firmware (at your own risk), you cant find the ROM that will work seamlessly, as they are really China only, and the ROM are configured as such. You have to go through loops to get it to work and repeat the process every time there’s an update.

    I had gone a bit off topic, but just venting my frustrations, but be warned with these imported units…

    1. i’ve never been a fan of lazada or any online shop, and will never be. i’ve heard a lot of horror stories about the product and the service offered by lazada, from friends, officemates, and even relatives. plus i really prefer holding and testing and feeling the gadget before i decide to buy. pag gusto ko, bibilhin ko right away. no more waiting, and then get your excitement killed when the product delivered to you is problematic.

  2. Have not had any bad experience dealing with Lazada or their sister website Zalora. I haven’t bought any imported stuff so I can’t comment on those but for the rest, haven’t had any hiccups so far. Just recently bought the Alcatel Flash Plus and the unit came the next day in pristine condition, COD pa so you won’t have to worry about your card information being leaked online. Some products are cheaper online so I can say it’s worth the effort and time purchasing one there. Kahit din naman sa physical stores minsan ok yung hawak at test mo sa shop and then pag uwi mo meron plang sira. All I can say is give it a try, wag ka muna padala sa “horror stories” until you tried it out for yourself. Wala na sigurong mag d-drive ng kotse sa daan kung lahat ng driver nagpadala sa “horror stories” sa kalsada. 🙂

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