Audio-Technica CKP330 Players Line Earphones

Great mobile earphones for those with active lifestyles!

ATH-CKP330 Players Line Earphones

One question I get asked a lot about audio gear is what earphones do I recommend for people who like running and going to the gym. There are several choices in the market today given the immense popularity of running. A product to consider is the Audio-Technica CKP330 Players Line Earphones. It has a pretty interesting and unique value proposition (other than the good sound quality).

The ATH-CKP330 can be used with or without a headband. You can actually slide the earphones in a headband so that it’s kept in place in your ear even if you’re jogging. You can also take it out and use them as regular earphones when you’re not moving around so much.

Like with other earphones for athletes the ATH-CKP330 is sweat/moisture resistant. This is important since you’ll be sweating non-stop during runs and exercise routines.

How much? SRP is Php2,099. Available in branches of Power Mac Center and Astro Vision/Astro Plus. I only saw the black model in the store but according to some websites I checked it should come in different colors like so:

Cool! That pink model would make an excellent gift for your girlfriend if she’s into running. 🙂

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