Audio-Technica Earsuit ES700 Portable Headphones Unboxing

One of the most gorgeous looking cans we've seen in a loooong while
One of the most gorgeous looking cans we’ve seen in a loooong while


The Audio-Technica Earsuit ES7000 was made to replace the highly successful ATH-ES7 model. This new set of cans not only sports a unique mirror design, it also has amazing sound quality with deep powerful bass and rich detail. Audio-Technica Philippines sent us a review unit to play around with and we’d like to share with you guys our unboxing experience and initial impressions.


Cans front and center with the packaging
Cans front and center with the packaging

The ATH-ES7000’s beautiful high quality mirror finish housing is front and center with the box. The transparent plastic up front fully displays the stellar looks of the cans and further enhances it by using a dominant black color for the box and a light purple for the inside to accentuate the ear cups.

Officially unboxed!
Officially unboxed!

Unboxing was straightforward. We removed the tape at the top, flipped the lid open, and pulled out the carton compartment inside. We found the ATH-ES7000 comfortably resting on the carton tied down by plastic cables (which can be easily unwound). Other than the cans, Audio-Technica also included a black carry pouch and cleaning cloth.

The cleaning cloth is actually something you’ll end up using often as the mirror faces of the cups get smudged easily.

Freebies. Yay.
Freebies. Yay.

Body Check: Stunning Functional and Aesthetic Design

If there’s one thing we truly appreciate and love about this product, it’s the design. It just looks flat out amazing. What makes it even more awesome is that it’s not just about looks as Audio-Technica really put in a lot of effort to make the cans as comfortable and refined as possible.

Leather padding below the headband for added comfort. Soft ear pads for long listening sessions as well
Leather padding below the headband for added comfort. Soft ear pads for long listening sessions as well

Other than the comfort brought about by the padding, we’re told that the stainless steel housing helps deliver much better sound frequencies when it comes to the highs. We’ll put this to the test in the next few days.

In terms of sound quality, we’re pretty much happy and satisfied with what we got. Without the benefit of a burn-in session and portable amp (plugged straight to a Nokia Lumia 920), we got good bass, clear mids, and pristine highs. Looks like those newly designed 42mm drivers are firing on all four cylinders, hehe.

Initial Verdict: Stylish, Excellent Sound Quality, but a bit Pricey

Price is a bit steep for this one
Price is a bit steep for this one

Looks? Check. Sound quality? Check. Freebies? Check. Price? Php14,999. Ouch, hehe.

The ATH-ES7000 is definitely a spectacular set of cans but the price will definitely polarize the enthusiasts with the casual listeners. We’ll try to get more listening time in the next few days and we’ll report back our observations.

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