Audio Technica Gives You Heavy Bass without being Heavy on your Wallet

After giving praise to Audio Technica’s Solid Bass Over-Ear unit, we’re quite happy to see that they expanded the category and incorporated the design and punchy rounded bass we’ve come to love with the ATH-WS77 and created a whole line for it.

Solid Bass In-Ear Headphones CK


Solid Bass Over-Ear WS series

Now you can choose between Over Ear units and In-Ear ones. Personally I’m more of an in-ear kinda guy as I don’t really like things squishing my hair. I put products, it gets on the bands, so yeah.

Audio Tech2

The guys from Audio Tech lent us the super chic ATH-CKS550iS in red and while the color is more of our EIC’s preference (would have loved it in yellow), this is one of the most sublime in-ears that I’ve ever sampled.


Here’s probably why:

Sound Spec

Frequency (Low) 5Hz

Frequency (High) 24Hz

Output: Stereo

Body Material

Make: Sillicone

Diaphragm Diameter: 0.39in

Weight: 7.5 grams

Input Support: 3.5mm jack

Cable Length: 1.2m

In-line Playback


Volume Remote


Extra Multi-sized Ear Buds for snug fit

Carrying pouch

The Solid Bass In-Ear headphones features Dual Magnetic-Field Drivers and delivers optimally precise bass reproduction.



The patented design enables the CKS550iS to recreate a richer bass experience than the usual in-ear headsets from their other line.


Audio Technica’s sound profile has always been about balance. Wherein the mids and clean and crisp and the bass is there but not as punchy as other brands. While the overall sound quality is amazing, Audio Tech’s profile lacks a bit of character. This all changes with the Solid Bass line.

Having that overall clean sound quality that we’re accustomed to with Audio Tech then amping it up with creamy lows and punchier tunes makes for one heavenly listening, man. Cold Play’s A Skyfull of Stars never sounded more alive!

Sure the song isn’t bass heavy but the mere fact that it brought the listening experience to a richer level is indicative of how magnificently crafted these earphones are.

We also sampled these wonderful in-ears with 56th Grammy’s Album of the Year, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory (since this is one of the few audios I have in FLAC format) and believe me, music sounds better with you (well, it hehe). The bass was amped up but gives way to clear and crisp mids as well. It’s crazy!


If you’re really selective with your listening, you know that certain cans and earphones work well with a particular genre of music. Audio Tech usually falls smack in the center where it’s versatile enough to be enjoyed with a huge range. Solid Bass follows in that tradition but just adds a noticeable layer of character.

So if you want your bass up front and center without compromising on the other aspect of your listening experience, you may want to check this line up yourself.

Audio Technica’s CKS550iS is just one of the seven lines in the new series. There are high-end ones that have DLC (Diamond-Like Coating), uh, coating to add another layer of sturdiness and a richer bass experience as well.   The CKS550iS is available for SRP PHP 4,995.00 from authorized Audio Technica dealers.

For more info, you can check them out at their official Facebook page: Official Audio Technica Philippines Facebook Page.



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  1. By the way, an average human can hear frequency range of 20hz to 20khz. Under ideal conditions, its 12hz to 28khz. Again, we dont live in an ideal environment with ideal conditions.

    Secondly. 20hz is more likely to be felt than hear. How much more the frequency lower than 20hz? So, if audio technica is saying that this earphones can produce a 5hz frequency (if and only if, this earphone can produce 5 hz), who needs it? You can never hear that anyway. Marketing strategy? It’s a bad strategy I would say…

    1. Bad strategy for guys that know about frequencies, yes — and there’s only a few of them. Can’t disagree though. I guess I know frequencies too. Lol

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