Best JBL Deals at Lazada’s August Sale (Up to 45% OFF)

AHA!  You fell for the clickbait. Just kidding, we know deals like these sound too good to be true sometimes, but trust us, the only thing that will ~sound good~ after you buy anything on this JBL-centric list, is your music/phone calls.

We scoured to the long list of deals the brand prepared for shoppers this 8.8. From Wireless headsets to speakers that look like art installations, we came up with these crazy deals, check ’em out:


From Php 11,990 to Php 7,899 (34% OFF)

Main complaint about the Tune 650 is its price to feature ratio, and the 8.8 sale just solved that. The LIVE TUNE650 is getting a whopping 30 percent discount! Get headphones that are wireless and has ANC here!

JBL TUNE500 BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

From Php 3,199 to Php  2,199 (30% OFF)

At the 2.2k price tag, JBL’s Tune500 makes a compelling purchase for us because of its multi-point Bluetooth connection allowing it to switch between devices easily. Grab one here! 


From Php 18,598 to Php 11,199 (40% OFF)

Durable Fabric, IPX7 Rating, The Xtreme2 will not only sound good, it will sound good for a long time. This is the purchase for you if you’re looking to spice up family time(boo, still not safe to host house parties) in your garden or your lounge area with music. Grab it here( with a free JBL GO too) 


From Php 18,098 to Php 9,899 (45% OFF)

It’s from Harmon Kardon, it looks like an edgy art piece, it sounds great, and now its even affordable. Enough said. Purchase the Onyx Studio 5 here with a free JBL Clip 2! 

JBL TUNE500 On-Ear Headphone(wired) w/free JBL GO speaker

From Php 3,158 to Php 2,159 (32% OFF)

This is the wired version of the TUNE500. If you haven’t been convinced to jump over to the wireless side, grab one here . Good news is, this will still sound great, plus the cable is flat and more manageable.

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2

From Php 17,498  to Php 10,399 (41% OFF)

Here’s another cool looking piece from HK. Personally prefer the looks of the Aura Studio 2 over the Onyx Studio 5. Grab your next conversation starter here,(when its finally safe to have visitors over)

Check out the light show and sound quality in the video above.

JBL Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

From Php 8,099 to Php 4,649 (43% OFF)

The Charge 3 is a great Bluetooth speaker for every day use. It’s super affordable, easy to carry around, but at the same time, it still has that “oomf” to get your blood pumping!  Grab one here! 

JBL Reflect Flow True wireless sport headphones

From Php 8,499 to Php 5,999 (29% OFF)

The Reflect Flow packs features that matter for TWS buds that are intended for physical activity: snug fit, water-proof, and a lengthy battery life. I’d personally shop, the vault-ish colorway since it’s more for sports anyway. Check it out here.

JBL BAR 2.0 ALL IN ONE Compact Soundbar

From Php 10,999 to Php 8,799 (20% OFF)

You should definitely cop the BAR 2.0 if you’re looking to improve your home entertainment sound system. The low profile design really helps it blend in and do its magic without distracting you from your viewing experience.

JBL TUNE600BT NC Wireless On-Ear Headphone

From Php 5,499 to Php 3,899 (29% OFF)

The TUNE600BT NC is a more affordable in-ear option compared to the LIVE TUNE650’s. It will have compromises though so expect less performance from the noise cancelling feature, a less premium build and a noticeable /slightly noticeable difference in sound quality. Grab it here, if you want a budget wireless, noise cancelling headset. 
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