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Awesome Spigen and Verus Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

SPIGEN and Verus Cases for the Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is without a doubt one of the best Android devices in the market today. It delivers outstanding performance in an elegant and premium body. You have a lot of extra functions thanks to the S Pen and it also has an outstanding best-in-class camera. Unfortunately that slippery all metal and glass body will really need a case. Otherwise it will most likely slip and fall out of your hand. We’ve gathered some of the best cases we could find from two reputable brands, SPIGEN and Verus. Check out some of their offerings below.

SPIGEN cases for the Galaxy Note 5
SPIGEN cases for the Galaxy Note 5

SPIGEN has a wide variety of cases available of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. They have everything from the light silicone type cases to the more extreme full body and bulky protective rugged cases. Pictured above are three of our top picks.

First is the SPIGEN Slim Armor. Not only does it have two layers of protection (rubber skin and a hard case), it also has a kickstand which you can use to prop it up if you want to watch movies or YouTube. Only drawback is that it can get a bit bulky. This one sells for just Php990 on Kimstore.

Awesome kickstand feature of the Slim Armor
Awesome kickstand feature of the Slim Armor

Next up we have the SPIGEN Thin Fit. As the name implies, it doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to the Note 5. It’s a hard case type material that covers the more important parts of the device. It keeps your Note 5 stylish but it doesn’t give the best kind of protection. This one sells for just Php790 on Kimstore.

Lastly we have the SPIGEN Case Wallet. This is one of the more expensive options at Php1,490 on Kimstore but you get a really classy black wallet-type case. You can easily slide in your cards or paper bills in it so you don’t have to carry too many things with you. It also offers excellent protection for your Galaxy Note 5.

Veruz Cases for the Galaxy Note 5
Verus Cases for the Galaxy Note 5

For Verus we have two cases. The first one is called the Verus The Verge. It has a polycarbonate design on the exterior with a TPU layer which ensures maximum protection. It adds some bulk to the phone but at least you’re guaranteed it won’t break if it falls from your pocket or from the table. This one sells for Php1,140.

The second is called the VERUS High Pro Shield. It’s a slim fit case which combines a solid bumper and a rubber skin. It offers moderate protection without too much bulk. It also won’t break the bank since it retails for just Php1,200.

You can browse the websites linked above to check the other offerings of SPIGEN and Verus. They have a whole lot more and we just featured the ones that we were able to get our hands on.

If you guys have other cases you want us to check out, please do let us know in the comments section below!

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