Beats Executive Headphones

This will probably cost an arm and a leg!

Beats Executive Headphones

One of my friends who’s currently a top manager in a multinational company asked me if I would recommend Beats headphones for him. I said that Beats cans really aren’t for top level executives who like classic tracks. However it looks like that will change! Beats just announced and opened a site for pre-orders for their newest product: Beats Executive Headphones. And the cans are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

According to the site here’s what the cans offer:

  • pure, crisp audio integrity with soaring highs, deep bass, and true mids
  • an automatic shutoff feature to save battery life when not in use
  • a premium, brushed metal finish and rich, elegant accents for timeless style
  • noise cancellation that blocks out the world and leaves you alone with your music

No price yet but you can already reserve one now. This is probably one of those “If you have to ask how much then you probably can’t afford it” items.

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