BlackBerry 10 Alpha showcased at BlackBerry World 2012

BlackBerry 10 Alpha
Research In Motion (RIM) finally took the wraps off BlackBerry 10 during BlackBerry World 2012 and it definitely looks promising. It’s a totally revamped operating system based on QNX and everything from the user interface to the features have a lot of potential. I’m personally looking forward to the smart typing feature since typing on touch screens is always a major pain.

To showcase the new operating system they even showed the a prototype smartphone which looks like a small BlackBerry PlayBook. Watch the short video below which they presented during the conference to get a better idea of what BlackBerry 10 is all about.

BlackBerry 10 Promotional Video

BlackBerry 10 smartphones should be out later this year. Definitely looking forward to that!

Carlo Ople

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  1. Definitely looking forward to that and hopefully the data plan associated with it will be the same as what is used now (which is ALWAYS cheaper than normal data plans offer for iPhones and Android phones). Hopefully as well their strength in making data very compact is still present in this new OS.
    I’m biased towards physical keyboards that’s why I LOVE my BB9900 as I really have a hard time typing on the screen of an iPhone.
    For the longest time I wanted to get an iPhone because of the apps and all but the keyboard and the associated data costs always keeps me from buying one.

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