BlackBerry 10 Preview in Manila, Philippines

BlackBerry 10 will hit the market Q1 2013

BlackBerry 10 Preview

Selected members of the press and bloggers were invited to an intimate roundtable with Research In Motion (makers of BlackBerry) CEO Thorsten Heins and several other members of their management team a few nights ago at Shangrila Makati. The event itself was pretty fast since the RIM executives had a pretty packed schedule. After a short discussion and Q&A regarding the future of BlackBerry, they gave us a quick preview of BlackBerry 10.

Check out the video we made about BB10 (from the event) below.

BlackBerry 10 has a lot of new features but the three that stuck to my mind were BlackBerry Hub, Smart Keyboard, and BlackBerry Flow.

The BlackBerry Hub is basically a screen that shows you all of your time-sensitive applications, notifications, and information (SMS, email, social networks, BBM, etc). It’s a convenient way of communicating across different channels without having to open multiple apps.

The Smart Keyboard was also very impressive. As you type on the screen various words will form on top of the keys that you can then flip upwards and they will appear on your input box. BlackBerry 10 has an algorithm that studies your usage of the keyboard which means that over time it will become more accurate.

BlackBerry Flow is the user interface of BB10. It’s very fluid and smooth. This is a welcome development because it really ushers in BlackBerry to the next generation of smartphone software.

RIM Executives in their Barongs! Naks.

BlackBerry 10 will launch globally Q1 2013 with a new line-up of smartphones (touchscreen and QWERTY Keyboard models).

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