BlackBerry Curve 9320 Review

Booting up the BlackBerry Curve 9320!

Review: BlackBerry Curve 9320

The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is currently the most practical BlackBerry smartphone in the market today. It delivers on all the core functions while still looking good and without leaving a gaping hole in your pocket (SRP: Php11,990). We’ve had a review unit for a week now and we’ve been putting it through the paces. Read on for what we think about this newest offering from RIM.

(Note: We’re trying something new with our reviews. Instead of making it structured and long we’re trying out making it shorter, more concise, and direct to the point. If you want a more detailed technical review then you might want to try other sites. We’re going to try this method in the next few weeks first.)

Official BlackBerry Curve 9320 Video

Solid and Stylish Design, the BlackBerry Way

Thin, solid, and ergonomically designed: The Curve 9320

If you’re already head over heels with big touchscreen smartphones then obviously the Curve 9320 will not appeal to you. However if you’re in the market for a QWERTY smartphone that lets you mash text messages and e-mails quickly then the Curve 9320 might be right up your alley. The phone is light, solid, and maintains a very stylish look despite the price.

A bit too curvy?

The QWERTY keypad is compact and easy to type on. It’s actually quite refreshing to have something solid to press down on again since we’ve been using touchscreen smartphones for the longest time already, hehe. Nothing really beats the efficiency of typing on the QWERTY keypad of a BlackBerry. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out the tweet of News Reporter Jeff Canoy who said that writing a story on a BlackBerry is better than doing it on an iPhone.

Some people are complaining though that the keys are a bit too “curvy” but we didn’t feel that ourselves.

BBM, Social, and all that Jazz

What about apps?

The Curve 9320 was made for practical communication. Yes there’s BlackBerry App World but don’t bother checking out games or whatnot. The phone wasn’t made to excel in that aspect. If you’re into BBM though (and your friends/family are there) and you’re going to use the net mainly for social networking and e-mails then again the Curve 9320 is worth considering. Browsing is a chore though because of the small screen so best do it on some other device.

+1 for the Mobile Hotspot feature

Well this one was a pleasant surprise. We found out that the BlackBerry Curve 9320 has a Mobile Hotspot feature! Given the low price points of data plans for BlackBerry phones this is a very welcome development. It’s also good that the Curve 9320 has a 3G radio and not a 2G radio like it’s younger sibling, the Curve 9220. If you’re going to use it as a hotspot for a while make sure there’s a wall outlet nearby where you can charge it so that you don’t run out of juice quickly.

What’s not to Like

The small 2.4-inch screen, display resolution, and the 3.2MP camera. But hey at this price those things are expected.

So… who’s it for?


Like what we said above the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is the most practical BlackBerry smartphone in the market today. The SRP is just Php11,990 (no contract) or you can get it from Globe with their Plan 999 which gets you unlimited surfing + P400 consumable per month for 24 months and 200 texts to Globe/TM + 10 mins. of calls to Globe/TM.

If you get it at no contract you also might want to try out Smart’s Freedom Postpaid Plan.

Looking for an affordable BlackBerry? This is it.

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