BlackBerry Not Giving Up On Android, Will Release Mid-range Phones Next


BlackBerry isn’t done with Google’s OS

Despite how much we tried to like it, the BlackBerry’s Priv fell flat on its face. Numerous build quality issues and a hilariously bad launch price made sure that BlackBerry’s first Android offering would only be bought by people who either have too much money or don’t know any better. But despite this John Chen, CEO of the Canadian company isn’t giving up on Android, and has gone on record to say that they’ll be launching two more Android-powered handsets this year.

Those two handsets will be priced on the mid-range level, with one of the two devices having a keyboard while the other was a pure touch device. Chen is expecting the price of the new phones to be at around $400 (18.4K) which is a hell of a lot better than the premium Php 45K price point that the Priv originally launched with.


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