BlackView Launches Brand-name Infringing Hero 1 and Hero 2 Action Cameras


New, affordable action cameras

BlackView, that HK based electronics brand isn’t just about the phones – the company has also launched their own offerings into the action camera market. Dubbed the Hero 1 and Hero 2, the new action cameras are apparently re-branded versions of the wildly popular SJCAM action cameras that’s also utilized by other brands like CD-R King and Qube.

As far as specs go, you’re looking at a Sony IMX 206 sensor for the Hero 1, along with WiFi capabilities, electronic image stabilization, full HD capabilities and f2.0 aperture. The Hero 2 is essentially the same device, but comes with a built-in display.

We’re not entirely sure why BlackView would name the new action cams after GoPro’s wildy successful action cam line, but we’re absolutely certain that GoPro isn’t going to be happy with the news, and will be sending a very angry-worded letter to BlackView’s offices soon. No pricing or availability has been set as of yet.


John Nieves

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