Blackview X2 Unboxing, Quick Review: Looks Good, Covers All the Basics

It Won't Break the Bank!

Tracking the progress on your fitness journey can be important to see if you’re doing the right things or if you need to amp things up a bit. While there are a ton of fitness trackers out in the market right now, it might be a little intimidating when you see the price tags on some of the recommended brands  but we have been getting a few budget-friendly ones that can help you dip your toes in and test the waters.

The latest one to arrive on our doorstep is the Blackview X2. It’s a fitness tracker that covers all the basics and an asking price that won’t break the bank, if you want some stats to back up the work you’ve been doing to try and get healthy.

By the way, this should go without saying, but please take all the necessary precautions if you are going outside for a walk or run. Stay safe, people.

Packaging and Contents

The Blackview X2 comes in a fairly generic box with the brand’s name on it and a sticker that has the model name of the watch. Aside from that there are little to no details about the watch itself except for the color and the QR code for the app you’ll need to download.

Inside the box are the Blackview X2 itself, a user manual, and the charging cable.

Typically, when you think of a fitness band or smartwatch around this price point, design takes a backseat but I was pleasantly surprised with the X2. There’s no denying that its case looks very similar to Huawei Watch GT2 or Honor MagicWatch but it has one less crown but it should be enough to navigate through the device.

The case itself is made out of stainless steel according to their official website with a plastic bottom, which is where you’ll find the X2’s sensors and its charging points as well.

It sports a 1.3-inch display and utilizes a TFT panel that’s 240 x 240 pixels that’s protected by 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass. The bezels on the display are hard to ignore and, to be honest, we’ve seen better displays on other devices like this but you can read the information you want out of the X2 so it will do.

There are also only 4 different watch faces available on this device and from the tinkering I’ve done with it so far, that’s all you’re getting.

Like most fitness bands, the Blackview X2 can measure the number of steps that you take, calories burned, distance, sleep and your heart rate so in that sense it does cover all the basics in terms of stats. There’s also a section on this watch dedicated to Female Health where it can help track of your cycles.

Damn! I need to get my steps in today!

Of course, you can drill down to more specific activities but the options in that department are limited to 9 that includes: Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Running, Indoor Walker, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cycling (Indoor and Outdoor), and Rowing. I would have loved to see swimming included here since the watch has a 5ATM rating, which means that it can go to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes so you can take this snorkeling once the world opens up again.

Now, the Blackview X2 is more fitness band than it is a smartwatch but you can get messages and call notifications on it and you can control your Spotify playlist as well.

For the hardware driving this watch, you’ve got a NRF52832 SoC from Nordic Semiconductors that’s paired with 64KB RAM and 512KB ROM, which really doesn’t sound like much but navigating through the watch has been relatively smooth in the little time we’ve spent with it.

It has the Smartwatch basics by giving you notifications about SMS and calls plus you can control the music on your phone.

You are getting a 260mAh battery on the X2 that Blackview has rated to last 10 days of use and 30 days of standby time but we’ll have to see what the lasting power on this device really is.

Currently, the Blackview X2 is available on Lazada (but not through their LazMall store) for around Php 1,800 but they currently have it listed for $29.99 on their HK website where you can also check out some of their other products and learn more about the Blackview X2.

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