BookBook for iPhone 4 Review

BookBook case for the iPhone 4!

Remember the BookBook case for the iPhone 4 that we featured a few days ago? Well we happen to have one with us right now! We were able to snag a unit being sold in one of the local Apple community forums for Php3,000. I’ve been using it for the past 2 days and I think that’s enough time for me to come up with a fair and solid review for everyone here at Unbox.

Back of the box

The BookBook comes in a transparent plastic and cardboard box. It’s definitely a visual treat and I can imagine this getting a lot of attention here if it ever makes it to the various accessory stores. Unboxing is pretty simple and straightforward, just remove the plastic and take out the case.

The first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the material used in this product. It’s definitely not cheap material! The hard leather is more than enough to keep your iPhone 4 safe from drops and bumps. The spine of the case resembles that of a book (thus the name) giving it a very vintage and classic look. I think I received around 4 comments yesterday from people who were surprised when they saw that I was actually texting and not reading a small book.

Vintage, classic, and stylish case!
Spine resembles a book

What’s really nice about the case though is what’s inside. When you open it you slide your iPhone 4 from the top and lock it in with a leather strap from the top to make sure it doesn’t just fall out. You have access to all the buttons and controls. On the left side of the inner pocket you’ll see slots for cards, ID, and an inner compartment for storing your cash (paper bills). This helps a lot in reducing pocket clutter! I’ve left my wallet in the house and used this one instead since I got it.

My only problem with this case is that it’s sometimes hard to make calls or text because of the left flap. You have to completely fold it backwards. There’s also no opening for a camera so you have to pop the iPhone 4 out when you want to take pics.

Other than that the BookBook for the iPhone 4 is a spectacular case that will not only protect your iPhone, but it will also help you store your cash, IDs, and cards.

The BookBook for iPhone 4 isn’t available officially in the Philippines yet but we’ve seen Power Mac Center carry a lot of Twelve South Products before. Hopefully they’ll also bring this one in.

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