Boostcase Hybrid for iPhone 4/4S Review

Boostcase Hybrid for the iPhone 4/4S Review!

Review: Boostcase Hybrid for the iPhone 4/4S

The Boostcase Hybrid is a two-in-one package that will solve the battery problem of your iPhone as well as keep it secure. The concept of the product is actually pretty simple and it’s actually amazing that nobody ever thought of doing something like this before. What’s the Boostcase Hybrid? You get a colored snap-on back case, which is already a good standalone product, that you can slide into a external battery pack when you need to charge. Add to that the stylish design and quality materials used and you have a #winning product.

By the way this product comes in different colors that you can mix and match. I ended up getting the Black back case with the black external battery pack because I like my gadgets in that color. If you want something more lively though you can pick from the different colored back cases and match it with either a white, gray, or black battery pack. (Click here to visit the official site for the different color combos)

Packaging and Unboxing

The Boostcase Hybrid comes in a nice white box with transparent plastic showcasing the snap-on case. Refer to the photo above. Note that the Angry Birds King Pig is not included in the package, hehe.

At the back you’ll find more information about the product. You can actually flip the back open to reveal more product details as well as a peak at the second component of the package which is the external battery pack. The packaging reminds me of those game boxes. 🙂

Photo of the back of the box
You can flip open the back to reveal more info on the product and see the external battery pack

To open just take out the tape from the sides and pull the transparent plastic covering the snap-on back case.


The back case is simple and straightforward. It’s a slim, lightweight, and durable case that will protect the sides and back of your iPhone while still giving you full access to all of the buttons, controls, and ports. It feels good in your hand as well since they used a smooth matte finish as opposed to the usual cheap glossy plastic.

Back case
Another shot from the front...

Here’s a photo of the iPhone with the case:

iPhone in the back case

Now let’s get to the other half of the package. If you pull out the carton from the box you’ll find the external battery pack. It’s back has the same smooth matte finish giving it a premium feel.

Battery pack and cable
Close-up of the battery pack

To use the pack just slide in your iPhone. The pear shaped cut-out at the back of the case will align with the lock mechanism in the external battery pack. This is what keeps the iPhone with the case on the pack. By the way, to check how much juice the pack has left just click the button at the bottom and the LED lights will indicate how much you have left.

iPhone with back case in the battery pack!
Note that you still get full access to all controls and ports. There's also a cutout for the camera which aligns with the cutout of the back case.
Check how much juice it has left. To charge just plug it in to a USB charger via the micro-USB port at the bottom.

Additional Battery Life

The box claims that this pack should double the battery life of your iPhone. I’ve tried a lot of mobile packs like this before so I was actually very skeptical of this claim. According to the box this only has additional 1900mAh which is almost at the same level of my previous packs and they never got my iPhone back up to 100% from 0%.

So how much battery does this restore in the real world? Well with 3G off and just WiFi on while charging we got up to an additional 63%. From 10% we were able to get up to 73% in one full charge. The second time around we turned off WiFi and turned off Notifications and we got an additional 68%. Not bad!

Verdict, Pricing, and Availability

The Boostcase Hybrid is priced at Php3,550. You get both the battery pack and the snap-on back case in the package. You might consider it pricey but you have to remember that you’re getting two products-in-one here and that this is arguably one of the most fashionable battery packs in the market today especially if you play around with the colors! 🙂

The Boostcase Hybrid is now available in the Philippines through Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box stores.

Charge 'em up!

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