Both Cherry Mobile Android One Phones Guaranteed To Get Android N


Another reason to get the Cherry Mobile One and One G1

Google’s Android One program may not be making a lot of noise right now, but we’ve learned of another reason why the label “poor man’s Nexus” applies to the phones released under the initiative. We contacted Cherry Mobile earlier to know the status of the phones in their Android One lineup in relation to Android N, and Lonson Alejandrino, Product Manager for Cherry Mobile confirmed that both the One and One G1 will receive the N update when it’s released later this year.

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That makes it the second OTA update for a new version of Android that the phones will receive. The two phones received the Marshmallow update via OTA last year, only a few weeks after the phones in the Nexus program got theirs. Phones under the Android One initiative are guaranteed updates of up to two years, which translates to roughly two Android versions.

You can read our review of the Cherry Mobile One here, and the One G1 here. 


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  1. Sir John, does the G1 have at least a NFC? Because I’m contemplating on getting one. The timely updates after Nexuses are a selling point but if it doesn’t have NFC then “meh”.

      1. Awwts. Sayang. That’s a bummer sir since I’m willing to overlook it’s 5″ screen because of my preference for smaller 4.5″-4.8″ OLED screens. Salamat po for the fast reply. And more power to you and your blog.

    1. Even the newest addition announced by the Turk General Mobile doesn’t have NFC, the GM 5 Plus; at least it’s not highlighted.

  2. Sir John, does the One G1 have at least a NFC? Because I’m contemplating on getting one. The timely updates after Nexuses are a selling point but if it doesn’t have NFC then “meh”.

  3. Atleast cherry has done the One G1 justice, i will chiose it over the larger screened android fones in their line up in exchange for the updates. Other fones will remain u der #STUCKos besides the one and one G1. Its the poor mans nexus orayt but its the best alternative to expensive fones right now, bought mine as daily driver even though i have those high end counter parts, bang for the buck for 5k IMHO

  4. Noob question: Do you get OTA update for 2 years after purchase G1 — so if I buy one today, i would still expect 2 years of OS update?

    1. If your Android One device was shipped with Lollipop on board, then you’re guaranteed to receive Marshmallow and Nutella OTA updates.

    1. i bought mine sa mga gadget store with the same price aside sa Cherry mobile store… nabili ko sakin yung nakadisplay nalang… ayaw pa nga ibigay nung una pero binigay din sa huli…

    2. i dont see any apparent stock shortage. sa lahat ng CM stores na nakita ko (SM bacoor, SM southmall, SM megamall,MOA) may G1.

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