Brainwavz HM3 Headphones Review

Budget friendly cans that deliver phenomenal sound and comfort

Brainwavz HM3 Headphones Review

I’ll preempt the review a bit by saying right off the bat that the Brainwavz HM3 Headphones is by far one of the best value-for-money cans available in the market today. It delivers phenomenal sound quality and outstanding comfort that you will rarely find in other headphones in the same price range (or even higher). This is probably one of the most glowing reviews we will ever give but the Brainwavz HM3 truly deserves all of it.

For this review our main source shifted from the Nationite NaNite N2 player (also from the makers of Brainwavz) and an iPhone 4 with the Fiio E6 portable headphone amplifier.

Om Nom with the NaNite N2 player and the Brainwavz HM3

Packaging and Build

The Brainwavz comes in a big black box with blue accents and white lettering. It’s a pretty classy and cool way to present headphones. There’s transparent plastic on the side giving you a glimpse of the outer face of the ear pads. For more details on the unboxing and the stuff that’s inside the box, click here.

In terms of product design the HM3 is a throwback to retro cans in the 90’s. It’s all black with a cushioned headband. The ear pads are retractable and the metal connectors are visible giving it more style. The Brainwavz logo is proudly emblazoned on the outer face of the pads.

There’s no way to fold this or a pouch to store it though so it’s not really an ideal set of headphones to bring around with you. This is meant more for indoor use in the house or in the office.


You can wear the HM3 for several hours and not get any sort of ear or head fatigue. There is no clamping force whatsoever but you still get a snug fit. The ear pads are very comfortable and they just cushion your ears softly like a hotel grade comforter in bed (lol). By the way, the lower part of the headband is also padded so that the top of your head is comfy as well.

Headband padding

The HM3 is my choice for my office headphones. I can wear it for several hours when I’m doing presentations or excel sheets and I literally won’t feel it’s there for a while. Combine this with the good sound quality and the price and you’ve got a #winning product.

Sound Quality

This headphone isn’t just about looks and comfort because it also produces outstanding sound quality for the price you’re paying for it. The sound signature of the HM3 excels in both mids and lows which basically translates into a fun kind of sound. This is perfect for people who like listening to multi-dimensional artists like Bruno Mars, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Santana, The Script, etc. This is possible due to the dynamic driver which balances the bass and the mids so that neither overpowers or is underpowered by the other.

It’s not on the level of noise canceling headphones but it can definitely block out most of the sound in your surrounding especially when you crank up the volume.

As long as it’s on your ears the leak is very minimal which makes it really perfect for indoor use!

Beautifully designed, great sound, and very comfortable.

Verdict, Pricing, and Availability

You’d think that the cans I’m talking about in this review is priced at least Php6,000 right? Well it’s not. The Brainwavz HM3 sells for just Php2,800. It’s now available in Digital Walker, Digital Hub, and Beyond the Box stores. You want bang-for-your-buck? Then you’ve got to check out the HM3.

Unbox gives the Brainwavz HM3 5/5 and we highly recommend it to people who want to listen to great sounds indoors without having to spend a fortune on equipment.

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