Canon Confirms New 8K Video Capabilities for EOS R5

Crop-free 8K anyone?

As Canon builds anticipation for the 8K-capable EOS R5, the Japanese company dropped new details about the camera that will interest a lot of people—especially aspiring videographers.

Summing it up in three posters, Canon is positioning the EOS R5 as a mirrorless full-frame monster, as it can shoot 8K30 video using the whole sensor AND still provide Dual Pixel Autofocus even at such high video resolution. In addition, Canon is updating the Eye Detection AF on the EOS R5 to track not just dogs and cats, but also birds as well.

Canon has yet divulged the image processor that the EOS R5 will use, but judging from its 8K video capabilities, we expect the EOS R5 to come with a DIGIC X processor.

To date, Canon confirmed that the EOS R5 has in-body image stabilization, dual card slots, and up to 20FPS shooting speed using the electronic shutter (up to 12FPS using the mechanical shutter).


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