CD-R King WiFi Smart Power Plug: A Smart Way To Save Power


We take a look at a simple, yet ingenious product from CD-R King

CD-R King is a company that’s known for selling, well, nearly everything you can think of. From mice, keyboards, thumb drives, SD cards and even motorcycles and Segway-like people movers, CD-R King has it all. Among all the products they sell, one particularly simple one caught our eye – their WiFi Smart Power Plug. While this little gadget looks nothing more than a simple power adapter for your gadgets, it’s actually a pretty high-tech way to save electricity.


When you first see the WiFi Smart Power Plug, you’ll probably mistake it for a normal (albeit oversized) power adapter. We wouldn’t fault you for that – it does look exactly like that at first glance. The only clue you’ll get that it’s something different is the two LED lights and the physical button on top.


The Smart Power Plug is exactly that – smart. It’s powered by WiFi and acts as a WiFi repeater when it’s plugged in. You control it via an app that you download from the Google Play store (or through iTunes if you’re using an iPhone or iPad). Once you go through the rather simple setup process, you’re now able to control the appliance that’s plugged in through the Smart Power Plug. From your phone you can set a timer when the appliance will turn on and off each day, which is great for people who run ACs during the night. This can save you a lot of money since you can now sync the fan to turn on when the AC turns off at pre-determined intervals during the night. It’s also a great gadget for moms and dads enforcing a mandatory shut-off time for TVs and gaming consoles for kids. No power = no playtime.


CD-R King also says that you can monitor your power usage using the Smart Power Plug, but we couldn’t find it as of press time. Additional features include overcharging and overheating protection when you plug in a charger of any sort.


The CD-R King WiFi Smart Power Plug retails for Php 1,280.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


  1. “It’s also a great gadget for moms and dads enforcing a mandatory shut-off time for TVs and gaming consoles for kids. No power = no playtime.”

    Your kid has to be retarded not to eventually figure this one out.

    1. Unless the plug notifies you by email or something, that it has been unplugged from the socket.

    2. Or you can physically block all the plugs that’s not connected to it and make sure that the only plug that they can reach is connected through the Smart Power Switch.

      Parents can be very creative when they’re trying to discipline their kids. :)

    3. or you can put it inside the wall so they can’t remove it. only a retarded parent wouldn’t figure this out

      1. Speaking of retards, you do realize that it is a prong type adapter which plugs-in to your existing wall socket and NOT a replacement for your existing power outlet fixture.

    1. They say that Belkin is the CD-R king of the US. So I’m thinking, this device is probably the same as Belkin’s WeMo.

  2. Oh, a connectable version of their utterly crappy digital timer. I bought 3 of those. Each only lasted a few months. This retailer is only good for uncomplicated electronics like LED bulbs, not for gadgetry that actually requires millions of dollars to engineer.

    1. bumili ka na ba ng tv sa kanila, monitor ung mga mahal nilang gadget … baka naman keybord lang nabili mo … ako kasi 40inches tv binili ko .. good its 2 yers working , my monitor thanks god 3 yrs still alive ..

  3. Would’nt this gadget enforce a forced quick shutdown/ power outage that could hurt some appliance’s life’span?

  4. I bought a mouse with 1 week warranty. Got broke on the eighth day. Thinking it was just some sh*t luck, I bought a small USB fan with one month warranty. Sh*t got broke a week after the date. So.. NO.
    The things worth buying on that store are the Flash Drives and memory cards. NO, not the one with CDR King logo, but the branded ones like Kingston, etc.

  5. Kaya nya talaga aircon? Sure yan Baka ma sisi kayo pag pumutok yan at di pala kaya mataas nam wattage na appliances

  6. all talk about it but nothing on how it’s perfomance as a wifi repeater is posted…
    anyone from the admin can comment?

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