Cherry Has their Own Car Ionizer

A handy device to keep the air of your car's interior clean

Aside from a wearable ionizer, UV sterilizing cabinet, and a line of air purifiers, Cherry adds a new health-centric gadget to its lineup with the Car Ionizer with Air Purifier. Intended to be used for cars, the cylinder-shaped product has a 4-stage filtration system and emits 20 million anions that combine together to remove 99.97% of dust, germs, pollens, and bacteria.

The compact device also has activated carbon and an internal turbine fan for better air circulation. With its 360-degree coverage, the Car Ionizer can filter surrounding air within 3 sqm, with 15CFM Maximum Air Volume and a Maximum Noise of ?52dB.

The Cherry Car Ionizer is priced at Php 2,500 and can be purchased at Cherryshop.

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