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Cherry Mobile Action Cam Hands-on, First Impressions: Super Sulit Action Cam for Just Php 3,999


We go hands-on with Cherry’s first action cam!

Today we finally get our hands-on Cherry Mobile’s elusive action cam. The Cherry Action Cam was first spotted in a flyer released by the company which has been subsequently been pulled. Cherry Mobile was handing the Action Cam to members of the media during their dealer’s night, and we promptly unboxed it.


Packaging and contents:

The Cherry Action Cam comes in a long case that’s encased in a protective acrylic case like the offerings of GoPro. From outside of the case you’ll see the water-resistant housing as well as the Action cam itself, and the cardboard sleeve that protects it from separating from the case.


Once you open the case you’ll see that Cherry Mobile threw in a large number of accessories, which includes a number of attachments, double sided tape as well as a non-water resistant case (for better audio), a monopod, bike mount and others. Cherry’s Action Cam has the most number of accessories we’ve seen yet, and at this pricepoint that’s more than enough for most people.


Initial Impressions: looks a little like Xiaomi’s action camera


The Cherry Action Cam looks a little like Xiaomi’s Action Camera, especially at the front. There are plenty of differences though, which includes the 2-inch LCD display at the back.


This allows you to see what the camera is pointing at without having to download the companion app.


Controlling the camera is a bit convuluted – you turn on the camera by pressing the power button for five seconds. That’s also what you press to change shooting modes, and what you use to go to the menu to change settings. You navigate through the menus using the buttons on the side, which also controls the zoom for the camera. Long pressing the WiFi button turns it off and on. On the side of the camera lies the microSD slot, micro USB port and micro HDMI port.


The camera shoots in 720P 30FPS, 720 60FPS and 1080P at 30FPS. You can also shoot photos up to 12-megapixels. The water-resistant case is good to 30 meters, though we wouldn’t want to venture that deep if we were you. The camera can take SD cards up to 32GB, though we’re not sure if it’s able to take 64GB or higher cards.


The companion app is available for both Android and iOS, and gives you limited control of the camera. You can change shoot modes and white balance, see a preview of what the camera is looking at…and that’s it. It’s as basic as they come, but it’s good enough.


The Cherry Mobile Action Cam is priced at Php 3,999, which is pretty good for what you’re getting to be honest. We’ve included our unboxing video below that includes sample video taken earlier tonight.



John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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    1. Specs wise, Xiaomi’s Yi is better. May mga devs din for Yi kaya pwede mo i-tweak yung settings/install custom firmware to (try to) achieve what GoPro Hero 4 can do (like long exposure, etc).

      But based from the video, this one takes decent shots/vids din naman off the box. Plus it’s got screen! Sulit na rin for it’s price.

  1. I have sjcam4000 and this one… And looking both of it is very identical… Themegapixel count the design, the accesories included the button placement but thes extra light at the front on cm actioncam… For me… I better stick with sjcam,, its way better than this… Its does look like the video/photo quality is interpolated and built quality is not as cheap like almost feel plasticky…

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