Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt final model scores high on Benchmark Tests?

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt!

Cherry Mobile just posted on their Facebook Page a photo of a unit of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt showing the scores from Antutu Benchmark. To those who don’t know what Antutu is, it’s an app that measures the over-all performance of an Android device. It compares it to the scores of other devices as well giving you an idea of how good (or bad) it is. When we first got the review unit (prototype) of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt, we were shocked that we only hit around 5,000 which is even lower that the scores dual-core tablets get. The good news though is that the updated model that will be sold starting tomorrow looks to have been optimized as it now scores over 11,000 (see photo above).

The Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt boasts of a quad-core processor, gorgeous 7-inch display, 1GB RAM, and Android Jelly Bean out of the box. The most amazing thing about it though is the price — Php3,999.

We’ll try to secure a unit tomorrow and do another review. Here’s a link to our original review.

Important Update

As pointed out by our readers below, the photo above shows a tablet with 2GB of RAM and the benchmark result is quite old. That said we can’t confirm if this is indeed the new CM Fusion Bolt. We’ll try to get a unit tomorrow and do our own tests to confirm.

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  1. ok naman ang cm-fb. Hands-down lang dahil walang gps at bluetooth suppor na parang makikita sa mga tablet na mabibili sa raon

  2. Di nagwowork ang antutu app sa fusion bolt:( (March 6 release)
    vellamo lng, rerooted daw na default ainol firmware yung nsa taas.

    though sa vellamo almost above lng sa Samsung Tab 2.0 ung result.
    AVG recognizes the tab as Ainol Fusion Bolt not cherry.

    ps: Cm didnt install many usefell apps on their latest Fusion bolt release, you have to do it manually, also try to unable the auto rotate function, it might casue a problem later when installing apps.

  3. I bought a Fusion Bolt last Friday, there were only two of us buying at the same time. I’m happy with it, I can play Raging Thunder without a lag, will try other HD games. Good points: very affordable (perfect pang graduation gift); high battery mah; smooth naman; good screen resolution; fast wifi; has a HDMI port that you can connect it to a large flat screen tv to present your work or watch a movie; has usb port to connect to your computer; good & loud enough music playing; you have access to thousands of apps from the Play Store for games, school or office productivity, etc.

    Bad points: although it has front & back cameras; it’s not good for serious picture taking; ok lang pang skype; walang bluetooth.

    Will check if I can download an FM app so that I can listen to FM stations.

  4. i buy cm fussion bolt..the seller told me that cpu has a quadcore, but i’ll check the settings it’s dual core..then i’ll go to cherry mobile service center for checking what i see.. then service center check the unit i buy..the person/tech. said it’s true that the unit i buy is dual core..can i back the unit i buy and refund my money?.what will i do?..

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