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Cherry Mobile One Review: Is this the Best Phone Under Php5,000?

Cherry Mobile One
Cherry Mobile One

Meet the Best Smartphone Under 5k?

In a market currently being dominated by low-cost octa-core devices, you would probably dismiss the Cherry Mobile One if you will just base the value of the device on it’s specifications. However after using this phone as our primary device for well over a month we can say without any doubt that this is the best smartphone that you can get for under Php5,000. Google has done a wonderful job with Android One and the best proof is the stellar performance of the Cherry Mobile One smartphone.

Here’s a quick refresher of the specifications before we do the review.

Cherry Mobile One Spec Sheet

  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4.5-inch TFT capacitive display, Asahi Glass
  • 8GB of internal storage, expandable via microSD up to 32GB
  • 5-megapixel rear camera with BSI
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • Dual-SIM
  • 3G,Β WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 1780mAh battery
  • SRP: Php3,999

As you can see, it’s not ball-busting or anything. However the level of optimization and efficiency brought about by the Android One program is insane. Read more in our full review below.

Hardware: Looks Amazing and Premium Despite the Price

The Cherry Mobile One
The Cherry Mobile One

First up let’s talk about the hardware. Cherry Mobile has done an awesome job with the hardware build and design of the Cherry Mobile One. Up front we have the 4.5-inch scratch resistant Asahi glass display. The bezels aren’t too thick as well (except for the bottom) which helps with the over-all look of the device.

The display quality is also impressive given the low price point. You will only be able to notice the pixels if you really look hard and focus on the screen but otherwise you won’t be able to tell. The color saturation and balance of the device is spot on too. Images, videos, and icons just pop out brilliantly. We did have some problem with it under direct sunlight though even at max brightness (something to improve on with the next model perhaps).

Side bezels are good but the lower one is a bit thick
Side bezels are good but the lower one is a bit thick

At the back we have the gun-metal colored plastic back plate. This was a fantastic choice on the part of Cherry Mobile because it really gives the phone a premium and classy feel. It also compliments the rectangular shape of the device very well. The Cherry Mobile logo is subtly printed at the center of the back while the Android One logo is proudly located at the bottom (we think though that the logos should have switched places, hehe).

Looks amazing
Looks amazing

In our hand the Cherry Mobile One was a comfortable and steady fit. The display size was just right to be used with just one hand and we never really had a problem with typing out long text messages (the built-in Google Keyboard was nice). Regardless if we were using it in portrait or in landscape, the build is okay.

In terms of durability, we accidentally dropped the phone a couple of times from different heights during our recent trip to Barcelona for our Mobile World Congress coverage. Surprisingly there were no big dents, scratches, or problems with it so far. We were carrying it without a case or a screen protector.

Android One logo at the bottom
Android One logo at the bottom

Considering the low price point of Php3,999, the Cherry Mobile One passes our hardware build and design standards with flying colors. Two thumbs up so far!

Software: Android Lollipop Goodness!

Material Design!
Material Design!

Now we get to the juicy part — the software. The Cherry Mobile One is part of Google’s Android One program which basically means that Cherry Mobile has to conform to hardware standards and use Google’s stock and updated Android Lollipop software. As such the Cherry Mobile One runs Android Lollipop 5.1 and it brings with it all the latest features of this update.

While there are several new visible features, the biggest draw of Lollipop is really the performance upgrade. We barely felt any lag or slow downs with the Cherry Mobile One. This is despite our constant daily abuse with it when it was our primary device for the last 40 days. There were isolated incidents when it bogged down but that was when we were shifting quickly from one app to the other. The smoothness that we got from the Cherry Mobile One was totally unexpected and very much comparable to the quality that you get with smartphones twice or even thrice the price.

Why is this the case? Google apparently worked closely with both Qualcomm and Mediatek to make sure that their software runs optimally on the processors used for Android One phones. Woosah. That’s just awesome, hehe.

Really spiffy Notifications
Really spiffy Notifications

In terms of big changes from Android KitKat, the visible ones include the shift to the UI/UX to Material design. The icons, user flow, and typography are all minimally and beautifully designed. It’s so much better compared to the stock icons that you usually get with Android KitKat. One big change that we liked is how they redid the Notifications. It’s so much easier and intuitive. It’s actually kinda a joy to bring swipe down from the top to see it.

To get a better idea of what Android One brings to the table and why we like it so much, watch this short video that we made a few weeks ago when Android One first launched locally.

See Also: 5 Things You Need to Know About Android One

Cherry Mobile One Will Get Android M

Google confirmed in their press event last month that Android One devices (including the Cherry Mobile One) will get their newest software update, Android M. At least we’re assured that we will get the best and latest Android version with this phone.

Performance Issue with CoC

For some reason it hangs when you're attacking
For some reason it hangs when you’re attacking

Now this particular issue had us stumped. For some reason, Clash of Clans kept hanging on us on the Cherry Mobile One. We didn’t have any problem with other games, even the more graphics-demanding ones. However a few minutes into a CoC session the phone would hang. We’re still trying to find out what’s the cause of this but our theory is that CoC doesn’t fully support Android 5.1 Lollipop yet. Hopefully this will get sorted out soon because we know for a fact that there are millions of CoC players in the Philippines.

Benchmark score
Benchmark score

In terms of Antutu scores, the phone scored a very respectable 19,303. Again, note that this sells for just php3,999.

Battery Life: Slightly Above Average

We got an average of 8 hours usage before we needed a recharge for the Cherry Mobile One. This is with moderate-heavy usage, mostly on social networking, e-mails, calls, texts, and occasional checks on our base in CoC, hehe. Brightness levels were kept at around 40% with data and auto-sync perpetually on.

Camera: Average

As we said earlier, the Cherry Mobile One was our primary handset during our coverage of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The dual-sim feature was fantastic because it allowed us to have one local Spain SIM and our PH number in just one phone. Anyway, since it was the phone we had with us often, we turned to it a lot when we would take pics!

Here are some photos that we took while we were on our trip.

Kid playing on a huge tree root in Park Guell (Barcelona, Spain)
Kid playing on a huge tree root in Park Guell (Barcelona, Spain)
On top of Arena Barcelona seeing a gorgeous rotunda with the palace and the two-column gateway
On top of Arena Barcelona seeing a gorgeous rotunda with the palace and the two-column gateway
Kid playing with giant bubbles in Placa Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain
Kid playing with giant bubbles in Placa Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain
Bubble Master!
Bubble Master!
Spanish dude gives away food to pigeons in Placa Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
Spanish dude gives away food to pigeons in Placa Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain)
Rumfold sleeping at home :)
Rumfold sleeping at home πŸ™‚

Photo quality is really just average but what can you expect from optics in a Php3,999 phone? In harsh lighting conditions, the washout is very evident. In darker environment it does become a little noisy. Over-all though it’s still pretty decent compared to the cameras on board other low-cost devices.

And for the selfie addicts, here’s a sample of a photo taken with the front camera:

Front cam is pretty good!
Front cam is pretty good!

Again, not bad right?

Over-all the camera is acceptable. It’s not the best camera at this price point but it’s good enough.

Verdict: Just fix CoC and We’re Good!

Two thumbs up!
Two thumbs up!

So what’s our final verdict?

It’s the best smartphone under Php5,000 because of three major things:

  1. It’s part of the Android One program. It’s crazy optimized for performance and we can expect regular software updates from Google. That one fact alone sets it apart from all other budget phones in the market.
  2. It looks good despite the price point. Cherry Mobile did a fantastic job with the hardware build and design.
  3. It barely lags. Performance is spectacular for the price.

HOWEVER before we can really call this as the best smartphone under Php5,000 they better fix Clash on Clans so that it doesn’t crash, hehehe. If they fix that then we have no problem saying that the Cherry Mobile One is the best bang-for-your-buck smartphone in the market today for under Php5,000.

Cherry Mobile One Available on Postpaid at Sun
Android One: Cherry Mobile One vs MyPhone Uno
Hands-On: Cherry Mobile One

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. “you would probably dismiss the Cherry Mobile One if you will just base the value of the device on it’s specifications.”

    I love that you wrote this. Most people fail to realize that specs is just one part, how to utilize those specs and the environment that the OS provides is what really matters.

    Dat CoC bug tho. I’m not a hardcore player, but that will potentially put me off if I needed a budget phone right now.

    And last. That is one awesome cat.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Btw re: CoC bug apparently it’s an isolated incident with my phone. I’m consulting right now with Cherry Mobile and fellow Cherry Mobile One users.

  2. well I’m using galaxy tab 2 running a custom rom which is based on android 5.1 and I don’t have any problems with coc pero I should say that android 5.1 is smooth as hell. as my device’s hardware pretty much ancient I can still compare it to the likes of galaxy s3 running android 5.0.2. never expected that my device would be smooth as this. android 5.1 lollipop ftw

  3. “Cherry Mobile has done an awesome job with the hardware build and design of the Cherry Mobile One”

    I don’t understand why you had to write this. We all know that this is a rebranded phone and it wasn’t cherry mobile who designed and built it.

    1. it doesnt matter who the OEM is,its not the OEM that you go back to when there’s something wrong with the phone,thus cherry mobile.

      1. well i guess if the one using is as IGNORANT, STUPID, and IQ-CHALLENGED person such as you ‘CM-Chaka Mo’, any device is disposable…..

        let me guess, ipagmamalaki mo Samsung S4 or S5 mo, though you bought it second hand at Greenhills or OLX??? LOL!

        i bet you don’t even understand the specs much less the capacity of the device.


    2. This is a Google reference device and Tinno Mobile manufactured it to be branded Cherry Mobile, Mito and/or Symphony as part of the Android One program. Quite unlike other rebrands since this time it’s a device they acquired out of a Google initiative, not just random picking.

  4. Again, specs is not everything. Its about quality. Cherry Mobile is known for its low cost devices which are mostly good on papers but suck big time in reality. People tend to over react for example about the iPhone’s price but look at the quality, the performance, the user experience. Even if its just a 5k phone but if can’t perform the expectations then that’s considered costly as well. I’ve had enough of these so called budget phones that you can’t even update to the latest OS version or if there’s any, the agonizing long wait one will endure just to get it. Always remember, if its cheap, its not gonna be fast and reliable, same goes if its fast and reliable then its not gonna be cheap. Btw, what difference would it make now that AndroidOne is already available here in the Philippines. 5k for this? I don’t think so.

    1. heyy..this one will get the latest updates from google everytime they release one until its hardware is capable on accomodating its software and by the way cherry mobile quality is also good (not great but good for a 5k)and price itself doesn’t imply always quality,considering some phones has a higher price as you also pay some useless inovations and applications patented in those phones. Btw hardware specs somehow affected phones’ performance, it just need a perfect combination of different hardware and a perfect software to have a perfect phone.

    2. LOL “Btw, what difference would it make now that AndroidOne is already available here in the Philippines.” It IS part of Android One. You should read the article again.

    3. Uh, Cherry Mobile did not dictate hardware specs for this, nor did they have any major say in manufacturing. So they couldn’t tweak the device design, they had to use the reference from Google. And Tinno Mobile manufactured the device under strict Google supervision in terms of quality control.

      So yeah, the Cherry Mobile logo is merely a label, this is a Google device at heart.

  5. Just my 2 cents:
    About that Clash of Clans bug, just remember that Android 5.1 still has bugs. And there is always one more bug.

  6. Hi! I’ve been following your blog and I’d like to say that it’s developing to be one of the best local tech blogs in the scene. I’d really like an improvement though in terms of writing style and English usage. Case in point: I don’t think “ball-busting” is the word you were looking for in the introduction. “Ball-busting” usually means domineering, aggressive, bossy and nitpicky especially towards men. It’s really amateurish for a tech blog to use informal speak (in a wrong way for that matter) in an article, maybe look to sites like androidpolice/androidauthority for some examples of good review writing? Thanks and more power!

    1. Heya! Thanks for the compliment and the feedback. Noted re: the use of the word! In hindsight I agree with you that we could have used a better one.

      Re: the casual manner we write though that’s very intentional. We want to cater to non-techies more than techies so we try to avoid jargon as much as possible. As the founder I also encourage our writers and contributors to write as if they’re just talking to a friend in a coffee shop.

  7. Nice job doing the full review! Do you also plan to review CM One’s brother from another mother Myphone Uno? or even a head to head comparison with the two, looking forward for the future of these devices and also with your tech reviews. Cheers!

  8. you only buy this for the software update
    specs is just so so
    quality hmmmmmm
    battery hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    after sale service good luck

    Bibilhin parin to para lang mag butingting ng lollipop at mag try ng iba’t ibang custom rom

    1. Hindi lang para sa software update.. Kahit common yung specs niyan, mas mabilis pa rin yan kaysa sa iba kasi AndroidOne eh..

  9. Specs and benchmarks aren’t everything, user experience is what counts. Moto G and Moto E anyone? And about the CoC, was that really needed?

    1. Yes COC performance review on the phone is actually needed. As for most filipinos ate playing coc… and if coc is not working properly… the phone is worthless…

  10. still no update why add user is not working? been googling it for weeks now still nobody can answer

      1. wrong. google is working with CM regarding the OS. THIS IS AN ANDROID ONE PHONE,in case you didnt know.

    1. Multi-user requires a lot of storage space, so in a low-end device like this they did not include it. It can be enabled if you have root though.

    2. Want a multiuser?
      first get root
      second edit build.prop
      third add this to the end of build.prop


      CoC is working great on this phone

      Use Link2SD to fix low storage

      I used ThunderZap 3.0 Android One Kernel to make it smoother (ANTUTU FROM 19k to 22k!)

  11. I have the CM one and am very happy with it. Only complaint is that you cannot transfer apps to SD. Besides that, I’m glad I bought an android one product instead of those phones with better specs but will never get updated.

    1. It has silent mode. By selecting none, the phone will be quiet and will also not vibrate. LED still works. If you want it to vibrate, just lower the volume to 0 and it will automatically enable vibrate

  12. sir carlo tanx for the very informative review…sir carlo can you pls update the stores/kios where we can cherry mobile one,because been to market market,sm bf,sm south,sm bicutan,sm megamall sm north,and waltermart makati out stock na daw sila

  13. you have only 5K in your hand to buy a DECENT smartphone and you would choose a phone with a common processor, common low quality camera, with a not good battery life?? oh common, People read unbox for its review not advertisements!! and who says its not about the specs?? ITS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SPECS!!!! SPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE LOCAL SMARTPHONES FOR OPTIONS!!!

    1. I prefer a lower spec’d android one phone with guaranteed updates over an octacore phone that will never be updated.

    2. Specs is just one thing, how well it’s optimized to run on the phone is also important. Remember: Google themselves tests the OS on AndroidOne devices.

    3. You obviously don’t care about the software part of your smartphone. It’s like saying you’re still fine with XP on your top-of-the-line gaming rig while in reality you’re not getting the full benefits of your hardware. Optimization is everything sa low-end hardware, and this device performs admirably for it’s specs. Plus, you can’t beat two years official support from Google, not unlike those octas that will probably never see Android M.

    4. “ITS EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SPECS”. What a stupid statement. Tell that to Motorola. Moto E with similar specs with CM One is smooth as a baby’s bum. The Android One line-up kick the arses of those local phones with high specs. Probably not by benchmark or per phone specifics, but it’s overall experience and software. Software matters man. But if you’re happy with your phones good by the paper, then so be it. Have fun with your Jelly Bean/Kit Kat forever.

    5. Banggg.. Shallow minded guy… Let me ask you a question. Do you really need an octa-core, 2gb ram and some hardcore stuff just to text, call, web browsing and light video watching? Don’t think so …The point is not to judge the phone by its specs but to consider what are you going to do with the phone.

  14. One thing I’m interested in is the Screen Resolution. I hope all reviews would include this info…

    1. I have a cherry mobile integra tv phone it is still alive since 2008. And you call that disposable. I consider it an antique. I also have a Cosmos x1 and a tegra note 7. It will be disposable if you treat your stuff like it is disposable.

        1. Maybe you’ll be disposable. You “CM-Chaka Mo”. We have a lot of CM phones in home. Baka nga hindi mo pa nararanasan gumamit ng CM.

  15. I like to buy Fuze S but CM it seems CM One is much better than it. What do you think? Medyo nag-aalinlangan pa ko sa battery.

    1. Sa pagkakaalam ko kahit mas mababa ang battery ng CM one may update ang Android one na less-consuming siya.. kaya payts na payts to… hhheheheh

  16. I like reading reviews about local tech. This is a huge step forward, something that excites the geek in me. It’s sad to see how many people feel they “know” things when they actually don’t. I’m glad AndoidOne has made it to the Philippines. I’ve been a fan of Cherry Mobile for a few years now, so for me, it’d be cool to actually own this phone. Thanks for the review, keep it casual!

    1. wait for rio 2 compare to CM one or MP one. get the verdict from there.
      sell your agua when youre only sure πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks. Yeah i should wait for rio 2. subok ko kasi ang myphone sa quality eh with the a848 and rio.

  17. CM one has antutu benchmark 19K at under P5k.
    Just add P3k and you get 40k benchmark points with M1 Note.
    Only downside is their own Flyme OS(but hey, its getting its own lollipop update)

    its a tough decision, but id go with meizu’s m1 note specwise with comparable aftermarket ota updates from meizu. but if you csnt find those few P3k, a cm one is more than enough to suite your needs(beats the rio)
    budget king myphone still hasnt released their upcoming rio 2(so i guess you should wait for that and see if your decision changes)

    1. Far from being a “budget king”, MyPhone seems to have released a flop in the form of Rio 2. -_-

  18. Ok po ba ung playback nya ng .mkv / .mp4 na 720p? Baka po kasi smooth ung video pero delayed ung audio or vice versa. I’m planning to buy this kasi ok naman sa budget ko. Hardcore gamer ako pero hindi cellphone ung gamit ko sa paglalaro kaya no problem sakin. Thank you πŸ˜€

  19. I didn’t know if the phone is god or not. U researching it to refer to buy. And Google just make Android One to local manufacturer like Cherry Mobile and my|phone here. Like Nexus as a International manufacturer like LG, Samsung, Motorola and, HTC

  20. Finaly got hold of the CM One..doing good so far.. just as the article describes it.. super sulit! One thing though.. Anyone knows how to disable the VIBRATE feature?? I find it annoying when every time I tap it buzzes. Thanks in advance

  21. Im using cm one right. COC is working fine right now. The phone is super smooth for a budget phone like this i dont experience any lag and the os always update after i bought the phone which is good so the bugs will easily fix. Im a techie person i always watch review of smartphones and i dont trust local brand smartphone here especially cherry mobile but when i hear about the android one then i dont doubt to buy the phone. Because when you say android one it is google and android one is google project that partners to different local smartphone like india and other countries then optimize the phone without costing too much money. The phone is great what i really dont like about this phone is the battery. If you play too much games in this phone you will not enjoy it because its easily consume your battery too much but the charging is too quick i can fully charge the phone about 1 hr. Also the camera is not that great but i dont like taking pictures anyway so its ok for me and this is a budget phone so i dont expect that camera is that great.

  22. HI, I just got my cherry mobile one as a gift today and I have some issues with the charging. I.E it won’t charge properly. I used the charger, my laptop, my desktop, the other cherry mobile charger (flare) and it won’t work. (It worked on my laptop for a few minutes and then it stopped charging) I used another cable and it still won’t charge. My boyfriend got it to charge on the socket which puzzles me since I have been doing the same thing. it charges now but it has to be off. He turned it on to see if it was charging and it was but if you go to the battery setting it switches to charging to not charging over and over.

    1. Maybe its a bug. Try to update it. When i purchased the phone i encounter many bugs try to update it. Go to settings > about phonr > system update

  23. I am very frustrated with this phone since it won’t charge. when I turned it on I have updated everything that needs updating. worse when I tried the headset that ca me with it its not even functioning. the wire is sensitive and the sound would immediately turn off and while you can hear audio in the earphones, you can still hear the audio coming out from the phone itself. This was suppose to be a nice birthday gift not the present from hell.

    1. I have problem with the charger also that’s why i use other charger but i don’t but i don’t experienced problem with sound. Try to turn to return it to store then use your warranty maybe they will fix it or replace it.

  24. the charger works fine on my cherry flare. the headset works fine on my cherry flare as well. My other charger won’t work on it even my cable. it’s the phone that’s the problem, It was really good while it lasted, hearthstone worked perfectly and I was about to load podcasts when the problems started. I don’t know where he got it because it was a present and I’m afraid the store would not take it back even with the warranty. If that is the case can I directly go to an official cherry mobile outlet and have them replace it? since I got the ewarranty thing.

  25. I was able to use the phone for two months with normal wear and tear. After two months the phone Stopped charging and was cutting in aand out while conencted to the computer. When I drag the phone to Cherrymobile Repair Center, they said that it would take a week for the repair of their phone. After 5 days on the repair shop, I recieved a text message that the phone was brought to the Main Office and they are waiting for the parts to arrive before thay can repair the unit and will take another 3 to 4 weeks…?!? WTF!

    Brand new phone… Faulty… Bad Customer service… and a month and a week for the repair????

    1. I’m having kind of problem also.
      Im using different usb cable just to charge it. I can’t use the original cable, it works fine with my other phones but not in my cm one. Dont know why and also i kinda experience sometimes it automatically like not charging then notifies me again that it charges .. Its kinda anoying but my really concerned is, if my usb cable that im using right now is going to mess up also well i need to dispose this phone lol. I have other usb cables but it wont work in this phone
      Hey can you update me if it they fix it? Thanks

  26. I bought two and they both came with KitKit 4.4.4 installed and not 5.1 as your review stated and have not been able to upgrade this phone. I don’t recommend it. It’s a piece of garbage!

  27. Never had a smartphone that lasted for 3 and a half days straight of calls, text and some data usage. Turned on the battery saver at 15% which lasted half day. Since it’s already 5.1.1 they say it has better battery life. Android One is impressive and lookong forward to buy the brother G1 which I think would be a lot more impressive. And waiting for Android 6.0 update this month.

    Let’s just say, thanks to google for this and not to CM, they’re just the store who are authorised to sell this phone. Same goes to Uno (but i don’t like its appearance).

  28. I am using cherry mobile right now. I updated my phone’s operating system from lollipop5.1 to marsmallow. Unfortunately, the baterry drains fast and would not last for 3hours. While using the unit, it has an abnormal temperature. Maybe, the upgrade have an effect to my unit which consumes half of the RAM. I hope that I can find a baterry that have a bigger capacity.

  29. I’ve had my Android One for almost two months now. I would definitely recommend it. It’s a different experience altogether. It’s a quality phone, the feel, the look, the performance, the low price. I bought mine for 3499p at the cherry mobile outlet. Though i thought there would be no bloat, it’s actually all google apps and CM’s ewarranty app. No more. The google experience is worth it. Get it for the experience and for the difference. This phone as part of the Google Android One program ensures an altogether quality experience. In fact, one that you’ll be surprised especially at how cherry mobile has risen to the challenge and this phone together with the flare series shows the extent of its maturity in this business. A lot of consumers think not even to look back at the smartphones they have handled through the years. And most of these consumers believe that to look back is pathetic and would even relate this as downward mobility. This is sad because In the last couple of years Cherry Mobile has begun to progress in leaps and bounds. They can now match spec for spec big names in this business and offer amazing prices. Just look back and revisit cherry mobile like I was able to a few months ago. You’ll be proud of it and support it. Much like how we all supported Jollibee. I believe Cherry Mobile will make us all proud of what it has achieved.

    1. I’ve bought the One for my sister last November last year. She’s very happy with it. The only time the phone lags is when she installs apps not optimized for Android 6.0.1.

      She got the February 2016 patch way before I got it on my Nexus 7 2013!

      The battery lasts her a day and she takes lots of selfies with it as the front camera is good.

  30. Heheheheh, bumili din ako nung last saturday nito, Mar 5, 2016, so far pagapasok ng work ngayong umaga in-update ko yung system nya at hindi halos magkandaugaga ang new cherry mobile ONE phone ko sa latest Android M update, first yung Marshmallow 6.0 na more than 400MB i guess if im not mistaken, then after that meron pang next update sa security patch ng Nov 2015 mre than 1MB, taz, next namn yung update ng Marshmallow to 6.0.1 naman 75.5MB if i remeber it right, hahahah natuwa naman ako kasi sulit ang budget kong ipinambili kasi Google always true to their promise about sa OS updates ng android ONE phones, salamat sa at ito ang binili ko!

  31. When I bought a phone on Cherry Mobile kiosk in Mandaluyong City, I was that disappointed when I found the unit was defective. The headset socket does’t work and when I went to the store to ask for a replacement (beyond 7 days), they don’t replace it and only suggest just to go to the service center to have a unit check-up by the tehnician and by that time came, they will do replacing my unit. So, my question, what’s the point of the 7 days replacement? Like, WHAT THE FUCK! Nagtatrabaho ako sa Service Center dati at hindi nila ako maloloko na ganun-ganun lang! Hindi naman sila yung gagamit nung phone, kundi AKO! Kaya ako mismo alam ko kung ano ang sira ng phone na nabili ko! They got my nerves so irritated! Suck Cherry Mobile!

  32. Hahaha dami talaga Cherry mobile Haters bakit ? Di porket mumurahin ? Disposable fuckshit naman ng phone mo kung ganun eh magaganda na specs ng CM kesa sa ibang klaseng brand dyan kahit samsung S4 pa cp mo mas bulok pa yan sa CM phones no branded lang yan hahaha ilove Google phones <3

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