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Cherry Mobile Opens Own Camera Testing Lab

They’re the only local brand with this capability

It’s no secret that Cherry Mobile doesn’t make their own phones. Instead, the company relies on original device manufacturers or ODMs to build their phones in China to their specifications which are then shipped here to be sold locally.

Unlike brands that make their own devices, Cherry Mobile has no way to really dive into the nitty gritty of the calibration and configuration of the camera of the phones that their ODMs provide. That’s one of the reasons why the local brand has set up their own camera testing lab here in the Philippines, guided and assisted by Samsung Electronics Device Solutions Group.

As far as we know Cherry Mobile is the only local brand that’s capable of independently testing the cameras of their upcoming models, and thanks to the camera testing lab they’re able to test the camera modules of the phones prior to being released in the Philippines. Lonson Alejandrino, the AVP for product development for Cherry Mobile, says that they’re now able to closely work with their ODMs before the release of the phones in the local market, tweaking the color accuracy, ISO, sharpness and other factors.

Once the phone has passed the camera test, changes and tweaks are then sent to the ODM to be applied to the commercial units before being sent to the Philippines. While Cherry Mobile has to still rely on their ODMs to make the final tweaks to the hardware, they’re confident that they’ll have the ability to do so themselves in the near future.

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