Cherry Mobile Outs Their Own Action Cam

Cherry Action Cam
If you thought Cherry releases were over, think again

We’ve already gone through quite a number of gadgets released by Cherry Mobile this year, but if you think the local brand is done, you’re sadly mistaken. Cherry Mobile has outed a number of new devices in their updated flyer, the most intriguing of which is their new action cam.

The new action camera is styled after Xiaomi’s own Yi Action camera, and sports similar specs – 12-megapixel camera, HD and full HD recording and WiFi connectivity. Cherry Mobile’s offering has a leg-up over the Chinese giant’s unit, as theirs has a built-in monitor and a water-resistant case with every purchase.

There’s a number of other things about the new device as of yet, which includes the maximum depth the included water-proof case is rated for, and the maximum frame rate of the camera when it’s recording in both HD and full HD.

John Nieves

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  1. Make that two legs. Siomai doesn’t have the distribution network that Cherry has. I know of only one store in our region that carries them. Sad, really.

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