Cherry Mobile Outs Upcoming MAIA Tablets In An Ad


Clues about CM’s upcoming tabs outed

Cherry Mobile is revealing several new devices on the 29th, but the company isn’t shy about dropping a hint or two about what they’re coming out with. Eagle-eyed Randolph Novino of Pinoyscreencast spotted several tell-tale signs of at least two new tabs of the company in their own promotional material for the opening of a concept store in SM Mall of Asia.

For one thing, Janella Salvador, one of their celebrety endorsers in the poster, shows a tab with both Android and Windows home screens on it, which certainly points to a dual-booting tablet, which is doable using Intel’s processors. The poster also refers to a MAIA Tab and a MAIA Smart Tab, which points to at least two dual-booting tablets in the company’s lineup.

We’re still hoping that Cherry Mobile and Intel release an Atom-equipped smartphone during the festivities on the 29th, which might also turn out to be dual-boot capable. After all, Cherry Mobile’s own teaser image shows an outline of a smartphone, so it’s not farfetched to hope for a smartphone on the 29th.

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  1. “For one thing, Janella Salvador, one of their celebrety endorsers in….”

    Anyway, its not really important. The thing is, message is clear. Let’s wait and see if this tablet will be a hit.

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