Cherry Mobile Readying Budget Flare A3

Cherry Mobile A3

We haven’t heard anything from Cherry Mobile in quite a while, but we’ve received a tip from a reader that points to the local manufacturer readying a budget device with a never before seen processor. According to a leaked ROM in NeedROM, the local company is set to launch the Flare A3 budget smartphone with MediaTek’s 6535M quad-core processor.

The MT6535M is a new processor that we haven’t encountered before – it doesn’t show up on MediaTek’s processor listing page. Clockspeeds for the new SoC is listed at just 1.0GHz, which points to the device as being a budget phone rather than a performance-oriented handset.

Other specs include an HD display, as well as having Android Marshmallow out of the box. No idea on pricing as of yet, but expect this to arrive under the 5K price point.

Thanks for the tip John!

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