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Cherry Mobile Releases Alpha Luxe, 5-inch HD Windows Phone 8.1 Powered Smartphone


Meet the mid-range Alpha Luxe!

Aside from the extremely affordable Alpha Style, Cherry Mobile also unveiled their mid-range Alpha Luxe earlier tonight.

Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe specs

  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 5-inch IPS HD display, Dragontrail Glass
  • 8GB of storage, expandable via microSD
  • 8-megapixel rear camera
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Dual-SIM
  • Windows Phone 8.1

The Alpha Luxe will come with a price tag of Php 4,999, which is comparable to the price of most similarly specc’d Android smartphones out today. The biggest question now is if this partnership with Cherry Mobile is enough to tip the balance of power to Microsoft’s struggling OS. We’ll see in a few months.

John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.


        1. oh ? gagu kaba? eh pag nagroll ng update ang WP, di naman maaapektuhan ang phone, patanga tanga to.. feeling matalino ampota

  1. Walang denim update to, exclusive to nokia lng un. Expect gdr1 update 4 this, or a.k.a cyan update sa nokia. Gdr2 update is denim update sa nokia., wc is not available yet. Unbox, may info b kung ito ung initial wp 8.1 or wp 8.1 gdr1? Hopefully gaya to ng partnership sa Nvidia tegra na ang Microsoft na bahala mg.update sa device. Partner b microsoft with CM d2?. And wow ung xiaomi redmi 1s lang ung close dito, almost same specs at almost same price. Other qualcomm 400 devices are tad pricier. Then again, OS is another story din.

  2. Wow, nice price for the specs. Ano na ngayon masasabi sa pagdefend sa Nokia 830 na affordable flagship na good buy? Eh almost identical specs nito. LOL

    1. Ha? Quality palang talbog na CM sa Nokia by Microsoft. Is there even a competition here? Partida kahit di ko na icompare camera ng 830 matutunaw na sa hiya yang CM WP.

      1. Sa price talbog si nokia lumia, wala talagang hiya si nokia, premium category kaya ang phones nila while cherry is proud of their makamasa appeal.

      2. To: Nokia is Microsoft Now
        Pt.1. ~ Quality pa lang talbog na kamo ng Nokia ang CM ~ in terms of what ba ang basis mo ng quality?
        Pt.2 ~ Is there even a competition? ~ Nokia was bought by microsoft desperately hoping to pull up its sales since it suffered great upon ubuntu’s 4 desktop/notebooks and android o.s’ 4 mobile. So, with ur question if there is a competition ~ “There was… A long time ago when microsoft monopolized d market.. But not since freewares were released!!!
        Pt.3 ~ camera ng Nokia 830 against CM’s???? Mag “DigiCam” o “SLR” ka!!! Wag mobilephone!!! .


  3. If windows did that the first time, they could have penetrated the market. But they are late already, at least cherry brought us a new tasty treat.

  4. Praises goes to cherry for releasing new windows phones. I closed my windows but i’ll open my mouth for a cherry.. Open mouth, di bagay to sa mga green minded.

  5. Nokia Lumia 530 is priced almost the same at Php 4,990. There’s only 9 peso difference. Spec-wise, consumers are more likely to buy CM Alpha Luxe.

  6. Confusing, same pala to sa icon pero ung gpu nya nakalist as adreno 305 sa ibang site wc is gpu for sd400 wyl sd200 use slower adreno 302. Saka malamang gaya to sa icon na may issue sa mismong chip, marketed as quad pero sa mga system reading apps ngregister as dual variant ng sd200. Ika nga tampered ung OS para mgmukhang quad core.

  7. wow, upgrade na ako from lumia 520. those who are bashing windows phone DO NOT KNOW what their saying, they do not own a windows phone!!

        1. Windows OS is much optimized than Android especially the system apps. Android’s system apps do crash most of the time. As of now the Windows Phone 8.1 lacks some features like OTG and manual brightness management. Please do try the WP it’s much better than Android.

  8. Got mine few days ago, and so far enjoying it. Mabilis sya at sulit na sulit sa price. First time ko mag WP and I must say na gustuhan ko talaga sya, especially yung pag link ng mga contacts sa social apps. All notifcation in one.

    1. The WP has gotten a lot better after the 8.1 update. It does require a learning curve especially kung sanay ka Android. I fing the WP system more personalized, less gimmick, more use

      1. Exactly. Swear to my penny. Sulit talaga yung price nya. No hassle yung gamit, user friendly. PeopleHub, gustong gusto ko, mas pinadali yung pagcontact and updates sa mga close friends ko and family. And to those na nagsasabi na wala masyadong apps sa WP, actually there is a lot. Just search for it, and you will find. As a mobile photography enthusiast, the 8MP camera is actually good, combined by the photo editing apps available in the store.

  9. Question… kung papapiliin kayo, alpha luxe or lumia 630? gusto ko kasi yung magagamit ko pang matagalan.. tnx..

    1. If i were to choose, i still prefer Nokia than this local brand. Ang Nokia matagal na yan na gumagawa ng cellphone. Sa camera na lang, proven na mas maganda ang Nokia cam compared with other brand. Yes mas mahal pero sulit naman kasi matibay.

  10. Maganda ang CM Alpha Luxe 8.1 Windows Phone. Nagresearch ako regarding on how to disable the vibration pero walang makasagot. Sa nokia lumia under settings may “touch” na settings to disable pero sa alpha luxe wala. I dunno but ganun ginawa ni CM. Contact ko na ang CM thru email,i hope they will reply. Overall performance…astig!

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