Cherry Mobile Tops IDC Again In First Half of 2015, Ahead Of Samsung

Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Plus 02

More and more people going local

A few months ago IDC said that Cherry Mobile was the undisputed king of the mobile phones in the PH in 2014, and that hasn’t changed much in the first half of 2015. Revu Philippines managed to get IDC data on the number of phones shipped in the first half of this year, and unsurprisingly the local brand has managed to stay on top, staying ahead of international brand Samsung.


Cherry Mobile holds the top spot with a 17%, while Samsung holds second place with 14%, with MyPhone, CloudFone, and Lenovo holding the third, fourth and fifth spot with 6%, 5.2% and 5.1%, respectively.

Cherry Mobile’s staggering 21.9% lead from before has slowly been chipped down while Samsung saw a slight improvement up from 13.3% the same time last year. Numbers for the rest of the top five are also down, with CloudFone replacing Torque as the third local brand in the top five. Why the decline? Well, you can chalk that up to competition – more and more brands are stepping up to the plate in terms of offering excellent handsets that target the lower end of the market – which is coincidentally where Cherry Mobile makes most of its money.


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    1. I have the same concern. It’s a standard that you should first introduce the acronym. Maybe it’s “I Don’t Care”? 😀

  1. A few months back, I actually held a local phone side by side with the Galaxy Edge. The latter was priced 10 times higher. But it didn’t give me 10 times the orgasm, err, pleasure. And it was too slippery. Android, regardless of brand, feels mostly the same. The user experience didn’t feel that much different. The UI and icons are virtually identical with both phones. This is probably why Samsung keeps losing the war with Apple. Premium androids feel the same with the cheapo ones.

    1. you do realize that you can change the look and feel of an android phone? oh wait, i know why you dont know, it’s because iphones wont let you do that. 🙂

  2. I wonder how long Cherry Mobile units (say, the flagships) would last with normal use compared to Samsung units. No, seriously. I want to know, because I see Galaxy S3’s from 2012 with almost no defects, but newer Cherry Mobile units have broken LCD’s and such,…

  3. i had cm before. i got cm magnum 2x they flagship wayback 2012. and it has been working fine until dec of 2014. i can say cm’s smartphones can beat some of the international brands currently.

  4. right now i have cherrymobile flare xl and xperia c5 both phones are good! i would prefer using cm everytime bec if it brokes while using you won’t regret aside from it is affordable you can still purchase another cm device with less price but with decent specs . unlike xperia

  5. i feel you bro, that’s the thing whether you buy the flagship device that to buy the mid range and low range they device they will offer same thing . the only thing that may differ is the performance.

  6. Not everyone of us knows what IDC means. Is this a sponsored article? Cherry is a brand, the phones are affordable and it’s widely available in the country. But the QUALITY? For me it’s below average. Some units don’t even last for 2 years or more based on my experience. So it some phones have good specs, bad camera, and below average durability.

    1. With Cherry, no. It’s a matter of luck. A lot of units really has defects and you’re just lucky if it would last more than a year without any repairs. Local brands still has a long way to go.

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