Cherry Mobile W900 LTE is the Xolo LT900 from India?

Looks familiar!
Looks familiar!

Cherry Mobile W900 LTE to have Same Processor as Xperia V?

It looks like the Cherry Mobile W900 LTE is much closer to the Sony Xperia V than we initially thought (sans the water resistance). Apparently the Cherry Mobile W900 LTE is allegedly the Xolo LT900 from India but with a supposedly better camera (CM lists the W900 LTE’s camera as 12MP BSI vs LT900’s 8MP BSI). This device runs the same dual-core processor as the Sony Xperia V. If this is true then we get a better idea on how the potential performance the Cherry Mobile W900 LTE can offer.

The Sony Xperia V’s processor clocks in at 1.5GHz and it’s the first generation LTE processor that was rolled out in volume. In terms of Antutu Benchmark Score, this processor combined with the usual 1GB RAM should deliver at least 7,000-8,000 which is definitely not the best kind of rating especially if you’re going to be using the device heavily for gaming.

That said the Cherry Mobile W900 LTE is shaping up to be more of a browsing, streaming, and social smartphone that’s also potentially a great LTE pocket WiFi device (lol). As we reported earlier it’s already confirmed to work with Smart’s expansive LTE network so that’s definitely great news for buyers.


There’s no definite launch date yet but we’re expecting the W900 LTE to hit stores middle of November.

Source: GSM Arena

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