Cherry Mobile’s Astro Phone From Their 999 Big Time Bundle Has An Unremovable SIM Card


A second SIM is usable if you need it

So yesterday we told you about Cherry Mobile’s new prepaid service, Cherry Prepaid. Along with that service Cherry Mobile is also selling three phone bundles that come with their SIM card and their load. We managed to snag the basic 999 Big Time Bundle that come with their Astro smartphone, and we noticed something very, very strange – we could not find the second SIM slot in the phone. It would be unthinkable for a budget device to have a single SIM card (dual SIMs are almost a standard feature for a country like ours) so there must be another explanation.

When we turned on the phone, the Astro had a signal on the first SIM but not on the second SIM, which led us to conclude that it already as a built-in SIM card inside that’s non-removable, which is your Cherry Prepaid number.


It kind of makes sense, a little bit – the phone is so cheap that resale value for it would probably be nil, and it’s not like you don’t get another SIM slot to use with your SIM card. You did buy the Big Time Bundle with the intention of using the prepaid SIM of Cherry Mobile.

John Nieves

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  1. Probably hidden under some sticker. I doubt they soldered it to the board…

    So they don’t want the user to trade up eventually to a Flare…

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