Cherry Mobile’s First Windows 10 Smartphone is the Alpha Prime


New OS, new breed of devices

Microsoft is aiming to take the wraps off of their new OS this coming July 29, and you can bet that several of their strategic partners will be releasing their own phones running on the new OS. Cherry Mobile is one of those partners, and the company has announced that their first ever Windows 10 powered device will be the Alpha Prime.

Aside from the fact that it runs Windows 10 and will come packing LTE, we really don’t know a lot about the device. One thing is certain though, the Alpha Prime will have stiff competition from other LTE packing phones in the sub 10K price range. Hopefully the company prices the Prime at a good price range, as the market has never been as competitive as it is now. We’ll be posting another update as soon as we get the specs of the Alpha Prime, so stay tuned.

John Nieves

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  1. mukhang umiwas ang cherry mobiles sa price war sa android. It means wala nagawa si cherry mobile sa international brands bang for bucks phones and mukhang naka-focus sila sa windows platform as of this moment.

    1. Hindi naman sa umiiwas, nagkataon lang na partner sila with Microsoft kaya may privilege sila na mag labas ng latest Windows Phone. They are still releasing Android phone, although it is correct that competition for low to mid tier smartphone are becoming stiff, competition is actually good than a monopoly, it’s a win for consumers in the end.

  2. I hope July 29 din release ng Win 10 update sa Alpha Luxe ko. This is a nice windows phone

    Btw, why is unbox not writing anything about My|Phone’s Infinity 2? It’s a great phone to match that of intl bang for the buck smartphones.

  3. Hopefully yung Flare S4 na yan is competitively priced. 🙂 If not then patay ulit sila. Magrerelease na naman ang meizu kaya dapat handa na sila. 🙂 Magsisimula na naman ang giyera sa mid tier phones.

  4. #awesome#cherry!walang humpay ang pg release ng mga new phones,means to say mahusay silang invent ! As of now cherry mobile was the leading best seller pinoy phone brand sa pinas!!

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