CherryRoam Teams Up With Mastercard for Exclusive Promo

Save money when you use Mastercard in buying a CherryRoam device

When traveling abroad, having a good roaming pocket WiFi device is a must. Whether it may be navigating through the city or searching for must-visit places, a roaming pocket WiFi can make anyone’s trip abroad hassle-free. CherryRoam is one of the many good options out there: supporting several countries, CherryRoam aims to give travelers a decent internet connection that is light on the wallet.

To make their product more accessible, CherryRoam partnered with Mastercard for special discounts: from April 5 to June 5, those buying a CherryRoam device using a Mastercard credit, debit, or prepaid card can get a 10% discount, along with a free Php 500 CherryRoam voucher.

That Php 500 voucher can go a long way: it is enough to provide you with 2GB worth of data for 3 days if you are traveling to Japan and Korea, 1GB worth of data (with VPN) if you are travelling to China, or give you unlimited data anywhere around the world for a day.

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