Chinese Brand Oukitel Making A Phone With 10,000mAh battery

1-OUKITEL-10000mAh-BatteryAndroid-51-Smartphone-Bottom (1)

Local brands, this is your next phone

We’ve seen companies stuff bigger and bigger batteries into their phones as of late as more and more power-hungry processors surface. Chinese brand Oukitel isn’t just looking to make a phone that has 4000mAh, or even 5000mAh – the company has announced that it’s coming up with a phone that has 10000mAh of juice, enough to power it for a week.


Sadly, Oukitel hasn’t released any other information on the upcoming phone, aside from the fact that it may be a ruggedized phone with OTG capability to charge other smartphones. If there are any local brands that are reading this, you might want to drop Oukitel a line and bring their upcoming phone here in the Philippines.


John Nieves

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  1. If you want more juice, then don’t expect to have a thin profile phone 🙂 Unless somebody invents the next generation battery that is both thin and having more capacity.

    1. I remember my first analog (no SMS, calls only) & my first GSM phones (call & SMS) phones where I cannot see the physical battery because it is inside the case at the bottom half of the phone that you can charge to a wall of slide out to charge at an external charger. Then came those Nokia phones like the 3210, 6210 & 3310 where you can see the physical battery inside the back cover. Batteries lasted a long time then (unless you are a text addict) because you hardly switch it on throughout the day unlike nowadays where we use phones like we use computers.

  2. That thing on the table looks like a laptop to me. Welcome the next generation brick phone!

    Come on people, invent the next gen battery already.

    1. Naka zoom kasi ang kuha. Makikita mo naman yung charging ports kaya pwede kang gumawa ng estimate doon.

  3. If rebranded:
    My|Phone – Rio GIGA
    Starmobile – Knight Lightning
    Cloudfone – 601XX
    Skk Mobile – Lynx Batterya
    ZH&K Mobile – Hercules 01

  4. Estimate ko base sa charging ports, nasa 15 to 20mm ang kapal nito. Not bad considering asus zenfones are thick. Sana magkatotoo ito para goodbye powerbank na ako pag nag outing.

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