Chinese Company Makes Fully Bendable Android Smartphone


Bendable phone

An unknown Chinese company beat out LG and Samsung

While Korean juggernauts LG and Samsung are both working on their own iterpretation of the bendable smartphone they’ve apparently been beaten to the punch by an unknown company in China. A video from Facebook page Trending In China shows a fully functional, albeit extremely rough bendable smartphone running Android.

Bendable phone 2

The screen of the phone, made from graphene, is fully functional despite the fact it looks rather rough. From the images on the video it seems like the display has problems with color accuracy, though that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a fully bendable smartphone.

Obviously the device isn’t perfect, and it’s likely to be a showcase of what can be done rather than a fully fleshed out retail device. It also shows us that we’re likely to see phones with radically new designs compared to the same old rectangular pieces of plastic, glass and metal that we’ve come to enjoy. Will be wearing our phones in our wrists anytime soon? One can only hope.


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  1. Looking forward for this. Actually, this bendable LED screens were being developed more than 15 years ago. It’s only now that we are seeing this technology commercially.

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