Cloudfone Outs Epic 8.0 Windows 8.1 Tablet, Priced at Php 9,999


Cloudfone enters the Windows 8.1 tablet game

Local brand Cloudfone has announced on their website their newest tablet, the Epic 8.0. As the name suggests, the Epic 8.0 is an 8-inch tablet, but it’s not the usual Android-powered slate that we’ve seen the company release previously – the Epic 8.0 is a Windows 8.1 powered tablet.

Just like Cherry Mobile’s Alpha Morph and Play, the Epic 8.0 is capable of running most Windows-based applications like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. It’s powered by an unknown 1.8GHJz quad-core Intel Atom processor, and comes equipped with 16GB of storage (with possible expandable storage via microSD) and 1GB of RAM. Like its name suggests, it has an 8-inch IPS XGA touchscreen display. It also ships with a removable Bluetooth keyboard as well as a smart pen, though we’re not exactly sure what makes this pen smart.

Anyway, you’re looking at an SRP of Php 9,999 for the Epic 8.0 tablet.


John Nieves

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    1. bakit po sya epic fail? may mga defects ba ung epic? share nyo un info kasi im interested. its a cheap alternative to the Microsoft surface pro 3. thank you

      1. bottleneck ang 1gb ram and 16gb kasi malaki kinakain ng windows sa internal memory

        pero either way, panalo to

  1. Actually, Android tablets seems a better buy. Since this table’s 1 Gb ram and processor will probably limit this unit to Internet surfing/YouTube. Whereas Android tablets of similar price (the Starmobile engage 9i is now just 7k – if you don’t mind the thickness), will run most games and apps flawlessly.

    Microsoft Office is now on Android, so another less reason for a Windows hybrid.

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