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Cloudfone Thrill 530QX Unboxing and Initial Review: Bane of Low Battery!

Time to unbox the Cloudfone Thrill 530QX... with BANE!!!
Time to unbox the Cloudfone Thrill 530QX… with BANE!!!

4,500mAH of Battery Awesomeness

The good folks over at Cloudfone quickly sent us a review unit of the Cloudfone Thrill 530QX! Maybe that’s because of all the comments you guys left on our initial feature of the article, hehe. We can’t blame everyone’s curiosity and fascination with this phone though since it boasts of a monstrous “Kaiju-level” 4,500mAh battery. We’ve already unboxed it and taken it out for a quick spin and we just wanted to share with you guys our initial experience with it.

Cloudfone Thrill 530QX Spec Sheet

  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB Internal Storage, expandable via microSD Card
  • 5.3-inch IPS qHD glass display
  • 12.0-megapixels rear-facing camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 5.0-megapixels front-facing camera
  • WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, 3G, HSPA+ Bluetooth, GPS/aGPS
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2
  • 4500mAh Battery
  • Comes with free USB OTG cable

As you can see if not for the battery it would actually look like your normal run-of-the-mill local branded quad-core. That 4,500mAh battery just screams and instantly grabs your attention when looking over the list of specs right? Anyway, let’s jump into the unboxing! By the way joining us for this unboxing is BANE!

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Packaging and Unboxing

The unboxing of the Cloudfone Thrill 530QX was pretty much usual fare. However to keep things interesting we asked Bane to have a crack at it. Hope you guys enjoy the photos! Don’t forget to read the captions. 🙂

Let's have Bane take a crack at it!
Let’s have Bane take a crack at it!
Obligatory muscleman evil villain pose!
Obligatory muscleman evil villain pose!
Bane: "WHAT IS THIS... PLASTIC!?!?!"
BANE: "RAWRRRRRR!" Cloudfone Thrill 530QX: "Wag po koya!"
Cloudfone Thrill 530QX: “Wag po koya!”

Cool eh? Hahaha! Seriously though we love the packaging of Cloudfone. The black and yellow color combination has always appealed to us (personal preference) so it’s awesome that they use that with their boxes.

Other than the phone we also found the usual accessories and peripherals in the box: micro USB to USB cable, wall charger, earphones, and manuals. An added bonus though was the OTG USB cable! Awesomeness. That’s 500 in savings right there.

Hardware and Software Initial Impressions

The phone is big... and hefty
The phone is big… and hefty

The moment we picked up the phone we immediately felt the weight and the size. This is definitely a phablet more than a smartphone even if it’s just at 5.3-inches. Fortunately the manufacturer made the edges and the back curved so it naturally rests on your palm if you hold it. However the 4,500mAH in it isn’t light at all as you will eventually feel fatigue set in. You can still SMS with one hand but the best way to use this will definitely with both hands. If they used a 5.5-inch display one-handed use would definitely become frustrating. Good thing they went with the slightly smaller 5.3-inch form factor.

Still manageable
Still manageable

All the ports and controls are on the side. The 12.0-megapixel shooter is at the back. Speaking of the back, the back plate has a smooth matte finish making it feel not too “plasticky”. It actually feels very sturdy and premium thanks to the combination of the finish, weight, and the ergonomic curved body.

What the back looks like
What the back looks like

In terms of software and performance, the phone was definitely zippy and fast thanks to the quad-core processor and the 1GB RAM. It feels much smoother than the experience offered by it’s predecessor, the Cloudfone Thrill 430X. We did kinda notice though that the qHD resolution on a 5.3-inch display is a bit lacking but we’ll cover that in detail during our full review next week.

Fast and fluid Android experience
Fast and fluid Android experience

The Cloudfone Thrill 530QX promises to be a competitive phablet and hopefully we do get to feel that crazy battery life during the course of our review. Heck the phone is so good that someone wants to steal it away from Bane…

Batman: "Super Flying Kick of Death!"
Batman: “Super Flying Kick of Death!”
Bane: "Ah ganun ha?!"
Bane: “Ah ganun ha?!”
Bane: "Super German Suplex on a Cloudfone Thrill 530QX!" Batman: "Argh!!!"
Bane: “Super German Suplex on a Cloudfone Thrill 530QX!”
Batman: “Argh!!!”
Bane... wins. (notice the broken mask on the box hehe)
Bane… wins. (notice the broken mask on the box hehe)

Watch out for our full review folks!

PS: Both action figures are from the The Dark Knight Returns Play Arts Kai collection. They usually sell for Php3,000 a piece in toy stores in Greenhills.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Unbox.ph. During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. Hmm.. maganda naman yung specs at abot kaya sa budget. Namimili pa ako kung yan (throll530qx) o Starmobile Diamond v7 o cherry mobile cosmos x… sana kpag release na niyang phone may mag post ng pictures mula sa front cam at back cam. tapos yung mga freebies like jelly case/screen protector. Mhirap kasi kpag wala na agad jelly case, in case lng na mhulog. for protection.

  2. I’ll choose OMG hd than this cloudfone model since it will be difficult to find protective case, battery, and replacement parts like lcd, touch screen… etc

  3. This is just a quad-core Cortex A5 with Adreno 203 right? The Mediatek phones with quad Cortex A7 and SGX 544 should be better. Plus they have 720p displays.

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