Coloud Pop Earphones Review: One of the Best Audio Buys Below Php1,000

Coloud Pop Earphones
Coloud Pop Earphones

Coloud Pop Earphones Review

In the last few months we’ve reviewed dozens of earphones and headphones. Unfortunately most of the cans we’ve tested are a bit pricey with the good ones at least at Php2,000. That’s why we’re very happy to introduce you guys to the Coloud Pop Earphones! Selling for just Php950, the Coloud Pop is arguably one of the best sub-Php1,000 earphones you can get here in the Philippines! It may not be the absolute best in sound quality but it definitely makes up for that in style, form, and features.

It looks incredibly stylish

Everything about the Coloud Pop, from the packaging to the materials used in the product was definitely well thought out! The earphones comes in a two-piece triangular box. At the top is a transparent plastic layer which showcases the design of the product focusing on how good it looks. At the back is a solid black plastic tray. Inside the box you’ll find the earphones, some manuals, and extra ear pieces (different sizes, be sure to find the perfect match for your ear).

The Coloud Pop box. Doesn't include the cute green monster (from Cut the Rope)
The Coloud Pop box. Doesn’t include the cute green monster (from Cut the Rope)

Now let’s turn our focus to the earphones. They simply look amazing! The designers behind this can definitely be called “artists”. The three-tone color combination is beautifully applied in the earphones. The main pastel colors are used to highlight the main components: the earphones, the in-line remote and microphone, and the Zound Lasso. To provide contrast there’s either a plain dark or bright color applied to the flat cable. The contrast gives the earphones so much more personality than the usual all-black or all-white earphones.



The Coloud Pop comes in a variety of color combinations. Just be sure to check the different models to find the one that suits you best.

Additional features: Microphone and the Zound Lasso

The Coloud Pop was made for casual music lovers. These are the people who usually listen to their music on their smartphones. To make the Coloud Pop more useful they added an in-line remote control and microphone. This will let you take calls without removing the earphones and you can also control what track you want to listen to using the remote. Nifty!

In-ear microphone and remote control
In-ear microphone and remote control

An additional feature that most earphones don’t have is the “Zound Lasso”. This is the L-shaped plug at the end of the flat cable. To make it more useful they made it with some sort of “bendy” and elastic material. You can actually fold up the cable and then used the Zound Lasso to wrap and secure the earphones. Check out the photos below so you guys know what I mean.

The L-shaped headphone jack also functions as a clip. It's called the "Zound Lasso"
The L-shaped headphone jack also functions as a clip. It’s called the “Zound Lasso”
You can wrap it around the folded earphones and then plug the end of the jack into the slot at the back of the same cable (it's bendy)
You can wrap it around the folded earphones and then plug the end of the jack into the slot at the back of the same cable (it’s bendy)

Hayup. Nakakaaliw. (For our non-Filipino readers this means “very entertaining”)

Sound quality is very good! Sell your EarPods and buy this!


Now we get to the most important part of the review — sound quality. For Php950 you’d think the Coloud Pop wouldn’t be better than the already crappy Apple EarPods. However that’s not the case at all. When it comes to the acoustics, the Coloud Pop can easily pass as earphones twice its price tag. The 9mm dynamic drivers delivers clear mids and fairly good highs. The bass is definitely on the “punchy” side but not as bad as the over-bassy SQ of Beats earphones and headphones.

Verdict: We recommend it. It’s good.

Two thumbs up!
Two thumbs up!

The Coloud Pop is without a doubt of the best earphones that you can get here in the Philippines for under Php1,000. The combination of the sound quality, stylish design, and additional features makes it a very good buy. We highly recommend it. πŸ™‚

PS: If you’re using the EarPods from the iPhone 5, iPod Touch, or iPod Nano, sell them to someone else for Php1,000 and just get this one instead.

The Coloud Pop Earphones is available in the various branches of Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker.

Carlo Ople

Carlo is the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of During daytime he’s the Managing Director and Partner of a Digital Marketing Agency in the Philippines and by nighttime he’s living out his passion as a gadget enthusiast and story teller through Unbox.

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  1. Thanks for sir Carlo for this info. being a iem fan, this earphone is a new collection for me. wonder how’s the sound quality? how about the durability?

    1. Can’t say anything definite about the durability as I’ve only had it for a month but it looks sturdy naman. Re: sound quality it’s slightly leaning towards the lower range but without totally compromising the mids. Highs can be a little better though.

      1. I read some articles, saying it sounds a music in a can? how about the treble and the highs? πŸ™‚ thanks for the info Sir Carlo.

  2. Just purchased a pair today and am satisfied with the sound quality. They’re not as clean as my jvc hafx1’s but are an improvement over my skullcandy ink’d set. They seemed to wanna pop outta my ears while walking, maybe caused by the flat stiff wires.

  3. I bought two Coloud Pop earphones for the past year – one in white/red, the other, a pink/black/blue combination.

    It’s incredibly stylish- YES. Looks study too. The SoundLazzo is a great bonus. Flatwires keep them tangle free… blah blah…

    and I used them both for my PC and phone. Mind you, I use them for like 12 hours in a day — my work requires me listening to audio files and conversations over the phone. With this “heavy”usage, my first Coloud Pop lasted for 5 months — just five months. On the second or third month within those 5 months, the other earbud’s sound went off — couldn’t hear anything. so I had to listen to one side only until that also gave up.

    So Last December, I had to buy another one because I thought that I broke the previous one due to misuse. I’ve been careful with my black/blue Coloud and I made sure I didn’t drop it, or tug on the wire when I get it off of my ears. I would take the bud off of my ear.

    Two days ago, while having a conversation over the phone using my Coloud, I thought that the other party placed me his side on mute, only to find out that it was my earphone going out again. SO FRUSTRATING.

    Please tell me it was me who overused my earphone because I hate to think that Coloud’s not too great when it comes to durability. Come on, COLOUDS ARE JUST SO CUTE and COLORFUL! IMMA SAY IT AGAIN, SO FRUSTRATING.

    I recently checked out their website (a few minutes ago actually). and looks like they offer free shipping and year premium warranty. BUT I bought mine from a local shop and nope, no warranties there. BOOOHOOO…

    Also, don’t expect noise cancellation. It is so sensitive to noises. I would recommend getting Plantronics – lasted for a good year and a half. Pricey but at least ya’ll not have to worry about durability.

    1. ano ba kasing ginawa mo, baka ginawa mong pangtali sa aso mo yan XD

      im a coloud pop and sony mdr7550 owner dati, nabili q si pop nung mga 2014, ung sony ko nabili q mga mid 2015 na, pero mas nauna pang nasira ung sony q. My coloud pop is still alive till now lmao kso naka tabi na lang. meron na kasi akong new.

  4. The earphones are great for the price. The sound is detail. Much more bass than my mi pistons v2. Sadly, the right earphone died out after 6 months of use. Good thing it has 1 year warranty. Now if only I could find my receipt.

    1. me too. the right earbud stopped as of this writing. and it turned 13th months last week but since i lost it for nearly 6 mos., i only got to use it within 6 mos. only. omg

    1. I bought Coloud Pop Transitions Blue and it does not work with my Sony Z3 Compact as well. I reported it to and requested a replacement as the item is still under warranty. Replacement unit had the same issue. I am still communicating with them re remote not working on Sony. πŸ™ But, the sound quality is very superb I must say.

  5. I just bought my 2nd pair and ny 1st pair lasted for aboight 3 years of usage and it is probably because the wire worn out due to using alcohol for cleaning which I will say is a big no-no when cleaning your headphones. This brand is highly recommended for their durability, sound quality and price.

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