Could this be the New Motorola Moto X?


It seems like Motorola maybe taking a page out of the CEO of Xiaomi’s playbook and releasing photos of their latest iteration of the Moto X via the HelloMotoHK Google Plus account. While specs for the Moto X haven’t been released, there have been rumors that it will run on a Snapdragon 820 and 4 GB of RAM. Standing out in the photo is the setup of its rear camera, which our source seems to think could possible include a laser AF system. Other than that, the home key looks like it could be housing a fingerprint scanner; not really a surprise since that feature is fast becoming in most smartphones today.

So, could this be the New Moto X? There’s no way of knowing for sure, but Lenovo has been teasing a new Motorola device that we should be seeing on June 9. Only time will tell what Lenovo has up their sleeves.

Source: Engadget

Jamie Inocian

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  1. I’m a Moto X 2nd gen user and it didn’t just give me a snappy smartphone, but also a great android experience. Moto Gestures, Moto Voice, Moto Dimple, basta yung Moto Experience nandoon! Truly a smarter smartphone as what they advertised it to be.

    But I’m having second thoughts in this speculated new iteration. I just hope it won’t disappoint. May high respect pa naman ako sa Lenovo.

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