Divoom Bluetune-1 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Review

Divoom Bluetune-1 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Review: Divoom Bluetune-1 Portable Wireless Speakers

Selling for Php2,250, the Divoom Bluetune-1 is one of the more affordable portable bluetooth speakers in the market today. When you say “affordable” people usually think that there are tons of compromises and the product quality isn’t that great. That’s not the case with the Divoom Bluetune-1. The features and build of this device makes it worth more than what you’re paying for it, especially if you find ways to maximize it (will delve into this more in the full review).

Great build quality and portability

The Divoom Bluetune-1 was built to be brought around with you in your bag all the time. Shaped as a small cylinder measuring at 60mm x 60mm x 68mm, it’s very portable and lightweight.

In terms of design, the speakers has some sort of matte colored finish for the body (comes in red, brown, black, and white). There’s a metal grill at the top which also has the Divoom branding. Near the bottom you’ll find the bluetooth pairing button, volume control, and power. There’s also an AUX OUT port. Yes, you can connect this to other wired speakers for additional power (wooooot).

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standard wired aux out cable at the bottom

At the bottom you’ll find the standard wired audio out cable. If you don’t want to connect via bluetooth you can just connect to your MP3 player via the headphone jack.

You can make your wired speakers wireless by connecting ’em

One cool feature of the Divoom Bluetunes-1 is that you can actually connect it to another speaker via an audio-out cable. This is pretty awesome since you can literally turn your wired speakers into wireless ones. It’s like a portable speaker that can also double as a bluetooth receiver.

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Unfortunately it’s not compatible with all devices. It works with several speakers we have at home (mostly Divoom brands, JBL, and AKG) but it also doesn’t work with some others (one of our Philips speakers).

Awesome sound

When it comes to sound quality as standalone portable speakers, the Divoom Bluetune-1 delivers in a big way. I’m really surprised with the quality, detail, bass, tone, and volume of this device! It can easily cover up to 7-8 meters without any problem but you can hear it as far as 10-12 meters. The best range though is around 5 meters.

This is definitely ideal for use in offices (cubicles when you can turn on some music), at your home desk, or for people who need speakers when they do presentations that require audio.

Pricing and Availability

Php2,250. Available in most Apple reseller stores. If you have any questions you can visit the Divoom Philippines Facebook Page here.

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