Divoom iTour-Omni Portable Speakers Review

Divoom iTour-Omni Speakers

Review: Divoom iTour-Omni Portable Speakers

At first the Divoom iTour-Omni looks like your usual bar-type portable speakers. However this baby produces pretty good sound and it actually has several cool extra features. There are a variety of ways you can use this and the fact that it’s compact makes it very easy to just bring around wherever you go. It’s ideal for people who want to listen to their music while they’re out hiking, climbing, relaxing in the beach, or for those who need to do presentations that have audio.


Build and Packaging

The iTour-Omni is in your usual Divoom plastic hard case. It’s pretty easy to open, just head over to our original unboxing post for photos and details.

The actual speakers are made from hard, durable plastic. It has an accent color for the front sound grill (we have the red unit) and a black back. It has a handle at the top which you can use to clip on to your bag. At the sides you’ll find the various ports and the control menus.

Control buttons: Input, Volume, Next, Previous, Play/Pause
Here's a photo of the ports.

As you can see from the ports above you can use this in a variety of ways. You can listen to your music via the standard audio jack which you can connect to your phone, laptop, or music player. You can also load a USB stick with your songs and just stick that in to the USB port. There’s also the option of listening to FM radio. The only thing missing really is bluetooth but then again that might jack up the price of the product.

Divoom iTour-Omni with the NaNite N2 Player

Sound Quality

How about the sound? You get fairly good volume with this one despite the size. However there is a tendency for the audio to break up a bit when you max it out. That said this machine isn’t made to be a party boom box. It’s more for background “chill” music for groups of friends who just want to kick back and relax. It’s also good for being a simple personal desktop speaker set.

By the way one thing I noticed was that it produced a significant amount of bass. Makes you wonder where it’s coming from.

We like it. ๐Ÿ˜€


The Divoom iTour-Omni is a versatile portable speaker that’s a great companion for people who are on the go. It’s much better than the smaller hamburger type speakers because it produces significantly better sound and you can also use various ports to listen to your music.

Two thumbs up! Divoom iTour-Omni with the Samsung Galaxy Note!

The price is also decent. It just sells for Php1,850 which is already a good price if you consider what you’re getting with this. It can be a personal desktop speaker and you can quickly just pick it up and put it in your bag if you need to move around. In fact you can even just plug-in the USB with your music and then plug-in your headphones to the speakers and you’re good to go even in Starbucks! ๐Ÿ˜›

The Divoom iTour-Omni Speakers is available in various Apple Reseller Stores.


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