Divoom iTour Pop Speakers Review

Divoom iTour-Pop Portable Speakers reviewed

Meet the Divoom iTour-Pop Portable Speakers!

Divoom iTour-Pop looks like something that came out of science fiction. One thing I find handy with this UFO looking speaker is the fact that it can compress it by pressing down on it making it more portable. What about the audio jack, you ask? It’s right on the bottom tucked away. The bottom has a groove for the jack to fit in, which comes quite handy when you’re not using it. However, this audio cord only stretches out to 4 inches so be ready to have the speaker trail your device when you pull on it to change the song or turn up/down the volume. Aside from the audio jack found in its comfortable groove on the bottom of the speaker, this speaker gets its versatility with the 3 adaptor connections that it comes with (a Sony Ericsson, Samsung and a 2.5 mm audio jack) and of course the USB cable for charging.

Great for presentations that need audio. All agencies should have one of these.

As I said earlier, the Divoom iTour-Pop is compressible by pressing down on it in, doing this while playing your music lessens the bass drastically and amplifies mid and some high making it sound compressed as well. So don’t forget to press down on it again when you’re ready to play your music. As for the overall sound when it’s open, this little speaker packs a punch. It won’t give you your heart thumping bass from bass heavy music like house and RnB, but it will give you just enough of it to hear the bass. The Divoom iTour-Pop allows you to enjoy every aspect of your music, guitar, bass, vocals, synth etc.

All in all, I think the Divoom iTour-Pop would fit well with those who just want speakers to amplify their music and be able to carry it around with them. For the hardcore audiophiles out there, this speaker might be a little too simple for you.

Very portable
Comes with different connections (Sony Ericsson, Samsung and a 2.5 mm audio jack)
Rechargeable via USB

No EQ choices (EQ is dependent on your device)
No way of knowing if the battery is dead (aside from not hearing anything while it is on)
Too short an audio jack
Volume is dependent on your device

Divoom iTour Pop Speakers retail for a little over Php1,000. They’re carried by a lot of Apple resellers like A Shop, Digital Walker, and Power Mac Center. Just visit your favorite branch.

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